Can you please introduce yourself? And can you explain why you chose the MA in European politics and governance?

I'm Ciara and I’m studying an MA in European Politics and Governance.I've always had a passion for politics. I studied business as my undergraduate degree and whilst studying that I realised I wanted to study something that was related to politics for my postgraduate. I started researching the path I wanted to take and started looking at different courses around Ireland and in politics. I  decided the MA in European politics and governance was the right course for me. I chose this masters because of the flexibility within the course. Each semester allows you to take a couple of modules that can be tailored to your own interests.

What specific aspects of the course impressed you the most? What is the best thing about the course so far in your own view?

I think apart from the flexibility, the support that's available to you is great in terms of both  the lecturers supporting you and also the student support that is available on the UL campus.

As a lot of the modules are very discussion based, it allows you to learn from others and pass your own knowledge on. Its great being able to discuss the topic you’re reading or just to hear other people’s opinions.

How do you think the programme would help you in your current career goals? Where do you think the course will take you after you finish the program?

I think a main goal of mine at the moment is to work in research for a think tank or public policy organisationand then progress into academia or something like that later on. This MA gives you a lot of core skills such as critical thinking that would help you within these careers in the future or any career along those lines. This MA has also helped with both my communication, written and oral skills and has taught me how to be aware of different peoples perspectives.


Would you recommend the programme to others? And would you have any valuable tips or advice for any prospective students looking at doing this MA?

When choosing this course I did a lot of my own research. I had a good look at the prospectus and the postgraduate website and learned what was involved and then I emailed the course director of the programme. I emailed with specific questions to find out more about the course and I think in terms of deciding what MA I wanted to study this really helped me.

This MA gives you a lot of flexibility and a lot of information and knowledge on how Europe is governed and insights into the public administration processes in European Member States. It allows you to look at implications such as Brexit and the economic crisis and how Member States respond to these crisis.