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Sports Performance MSc

Education & Health Sciences:Sports Performance MSc

Sports Performance MSc
1Year Full Time Or 2 Years Part-Time 


Application deadline:  5pm on the 29th September for a January 2020 intake.

 The aims and objectives of this programme, which includes a professional strength & conditioning (accredited) qualification, reflect our commitment to the development of insightful, competent, critical and reflective sports performance practitioners who have the following dispositions, skills, and content knowledge:

  • Display originality and insight in the field of strength and conditioning for team and individual sports.
  • Demonstrate the skills of utilising video notational analysis to provide feedback to individuals participating in strength sports and/or in a strength training environment.
  • Understand nutritional planning for elite sports performance.
  • Understand psychological principles underlying elite sports performance and demonstrate the application of psychological skills training to optimise sports performance
  • Construct a variety of integrated training practices combining sport-specific skills and related conditioning challenges to optimise player development and progression.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of current research within the area of speed sports.
  • Organise and perform lab and field-based skills related to research on selected human movement activity and defend the results.
  • Graduates will develop a sound understanding of the physiology, psychology and biomechanics background behind sports performance for speed, endurance, team and strength sports.


Contact Details

Course Director: Dr Mark Lyons
Biomechanics Research Unit
Department of Physical Education & Sport Sciences
University of Limerick
Phone: +353 (0)61-202819  


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