Tuesday, 28 September 2021

University of Limerick GAA Club will launch its New Jersey on Monday 27th September in the Pavilion restaurant at 11:30am.

A new UL GAA Club jersey has been launched today and it's the first in the country to feature the LGBTQ+ pride colours.

Speaking from the launch event Professor Mey said: “The UL GAA Club has been in existence since the 1970s and I am very proud that our club jersey is the first in Ireland to feature the LGBTQ+ pride colours. A university is the natural home of equality, diversity and inclusion. Students from all parts of the world, from a huge variety of different cultures, backgrounds, creeds, and orientations come together to learn, live, play sport and recreate on our campus. We work hard to ensure that the UL environment is such that our students leave us not only as successful graduates in their chosen discipline but as civic-minded citizens with a global and inclusive mindset.”

The jersey will signify all that is good in Higher level GAA of caring for our students and fully supportive of equality and diversity. Our new jersey will incorporate the “JIGSAW” logo to help raise the awareness of mental health awareness among our student population and be the first GAA jersey to carry the LGBTQ+ colours as a permanent feature on their jersey.

Event Timeline:

Monday 27th September: 11:30am: Arrive at the Pavilion, North Campus UL

11:40am: Speeches from President of GAA, Larry McCarthy and President of University of Limerick, Kerstin Mey

12:pm: Unveiling of Jersey with exhibition football match on North Campus