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Autism Awareness Week

Wed, 14 Apr 2021
Tuesday the 27th April 2021
Wed, 14 Apr 2021

About this Event

Event organised by MACSI, Insight, SSPC, CRT in Foundations of Data Science, Director Human Rights, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion UL, and the UL Autism@UL Special Interest Group

You are invited to an event, “Neurodiversity and Postgraduate Employment”, on Tuesday April 27th 2021, 11am-12.30pm organised by the Mathematics Applications Consortium for Science and Industry (MACSI) at the University of Limerick and the Head of Equality, Diversity & Inclusion UL.

Autistic people are as diverse as the society we live in and are already making contributions to communities across Ireland. This event aims to support the creation of more an inclusive research/academic community by expanding knowledge, understanding and acceptance. 

This Equality, Diversity and Inclusion event is for all postgraduate students, academic and professional staff, and industry.  


Adam Harris Founder & Chief Executive Officer AsIAm, Ireland’s national Autism charity and Terry Gleeson from Specialisterne Ireland a specialist consultancy that recruits and supports talented people on the autism spectrum and those with similar neurodiverse challenges in gaining employment 

The talks will cover topics including:  

What is neurodiversity? 

Barriers to getting employment and how to get help 

Practical and easy changes to make workplaces more inclusive for neurodiverse colleagues.  

Tickets are free and you can register via Eventbrite. Donations are welcome, AsIAm or Specialisterne Ireland 

If you have questions for Adam or Terry they may be submitted via this link or the meeting chat. Questions submitted via the link are anonymous. 

According to the UN, 80% of autistic people worldwide are unemployed or underemployed. Nine in ten people within Ireland’s autism community believe it is more difficult to find a job as an autistic person compared to a neurotypical person, according to a new report published by e-recruitment platform and Autism charity AsIAm. This means that autistic people, even those with a third-level education are not being given the opportunity to reach their full potential. Although no one autistic person is the same, many have qualities that can be valuable in the workplace, such as honesty, loyalty and attention to detail. 

Specialisterne Ireland helps employers recruit and retain talented people and grow diverse, effective teams. We are a national organisation, which partners with local service providers and businesses to develop the most sustainable programmes possible while developing a mentorship/management model to enable employers to expand their recruitment