This year the theme for 2021 is "Better relations between men and women."

We are delighted to introduce Conor O’ OKeeffe who is a well-being and mental health speaker.

Conor is a 30-year-old Ultra Marathon Runner from Cork. Running Ultra Marathons has given Conor the time and fodder for thought that has allowed him to delve deeply into his own mind. Throughout his journey in Ultra endurance, from winning the Enduroman 200 mile Ultra Marathon or running a loop of his patio for 24 hours straight, Conor has always sought to understand more about himself as a person. He attributes his steadfast mindset to learning how to transfer what he has learned on the road into day-to-day life. Using his mental health toolbox to manage the internal when the external of life is not going to plan. Conor calls this “Everyday Endurance.”

Conor has utilised a love of nature and incorporated it into his daily life. Finding time to remove himself from the work day and discover adventure on his doorstep. He uses this time to practice mindfulness in an easy and accessible way and bring runaway thoughts back into the here and now.

Conor will speak about the following:

1.Creating daily wellbeing practices.
2.Creating a better relationship with yourself.
3.How men and women can work together to improve relations
4.The benefit of nature immersion to wellbeing.
5.Men’s Health and well-being
6.The three pillars of resilience.