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Any Time of the Month

2nd December 2021

Free Sanitary products available in the following Bathrooms with effect from 2nd December 2021. Free products are also available from the Student Life  and the Post Graduate Student Union Offices located in the Student Centre, University of Limerick.

Further dispensing units will be added in the coming weeks.

Unit No.  Building Level Toilet room Number
1 Main Building Level "G" DG-012
2 Language Level "O" LCO-116
3 Analog Devices Level "O" ADO-005
4 MSSI Level "G" MSG-003
5 Schrodinger Level "2" SR2-025
6 PESS Level "G" PG-019
7 Library Level "O" GLO-116
8 Library Level "O" GLO-063 (Disability toilet)
9 Foundation Building Level "G" FG-060
10 Computer Science Level "G" CSG-23
11 Kemmy Business School Level "G" KBG-07
12 Schuman Level "G" Toilet (beside room SG-07)
13 IWA (North Bank) Level "G" IWG-15
14 Health Science (North Bank) Level "G" HSG-026
15 GEMS (North Bank) Level "O" GEMSO-018