The EHS Research Committee provides an opportunity for EHS colleagues to support the work of all EHS faculty, researchers and postgraduate candidates as informed by relevant UL and EHS Faculty strategies. Research-related initiatives that the Committee have played an active role in over the most recent years includes the launch of the inaugural EHS 2020/21 Research Contribution Awards, establishing the terms of reference for the EHS Seed Funding Call 2021, overseeing the EHS Research Strategy discussion webinars, processing the EHS Seed funding calls, updating the Committee Terms of Reference, considering and supporting EHS-led Research Centre applications. The Terms of Reference for the EHS Research Committee allow sufficient flexibility for the Committee, in partnership with EHS colleagues, to respond to, and advocate for, how best to support the research-related activities of EHS colleagues.

Membership Role Member Term Start date
EHS Assistant Dean Research (Chair) Dr Elaine Kinsella    
Chair of EHS Ethics Committee Dr Roisin Cahalan (Standing member)    
EHS Research Funding Officer Dr Orla Power-Grant (Standing member)    
EHS Director of Postgraduate Research and Doctoral Education Dr Owen Doody (Standing member)    
Advanced career faculty Prof Aedin Culhane 3Yrs


Advanced career faculty Prof Oliver McGarr (co-opted) 3Yrs Jan-22
Mid - career faculty Dr Orla McCormack 3Yrs Nov-23
Mid - career faculty Dr Kieran O’Sullivan 3Yrs Mar-22
Mid - career faculty Dr Brian Carson 3Yrs Mar-22
Early- career faculty Dr Pauline Boland 3Yrs Mar-22
Early- career faculty Brendan O'Keeffe 3Yrs June-23
Technical Officer Rosemary Daniel 3Yrs June -22
Research staff / Postdoctoral researcher Dr Clodagh Toomey 18-month Jan-22
PhD researcher Johanna Griffin 18-month June-23
sPhD Researcher Muireann O’Dea 18-month Jan-22