Equality and Diversity

Equality Statement

Gender equality and social inclusion issues are at the heart of our faculty's identity and central to our research and academic missions. We are fully committed to establishing and maintaining an ethos of dignity and respect for all within a day-to-day culture of promoting equality of opportunity across all activities. As a faculty, we are committed to supporting equal access to education and career development for all.

This is consistent with the overall ethos of the university, which has been involved in equality and gender-related initiatives since 2005. UL’s strategic plan explicitly seeks “to exemplify gender equality best practice in all aspects of its activities” and reinforces our position as the leading university in Ireland in terms of female representation in senior roles. In 2015, UL received the Athena Swan Bronze Award, which recognises and celebrates good practice in recruiting, retaining and promoting women in STEMM in higher education. UL was one of the first universities in Ireland to receive this award.

Equality and Diversity Policy

Living Equality and Diversity Programme

Athena Swan Charter

EHS Athena SWAN Self-Assessment Committee Members:

Prof Rachel Msetfi, EHS Dean
Declan O'Brien, EHS Faculty Manager
Dr Amanda Clifford, Lecturer, Clinical Therapies
Ms Mary Pat Butler, Lecturer, Nursing and Midwifery
Dr Mark Campbell, Lecturer, Physical Education abd Soort Sciences
Dr Ronni Greenwood, Lecturer, Psychology
Prof Marie Parker Jenkins, School of Education
Dr Aoife Neary, Lecturer below the bar, School of Education
Prof Ailish Hannigan, Graduate Entry Medical School
Prof Merrilyn Goos, Chair of STEM
Prof Des Leddin, Graduate Entry Medical School
James Connor, Undergraduate Student, Clinical Therapies
Adrian McDonagh, CTO, Technical Representative
Marie Connolly, Athena SWAN Coordinator, Human Resources
Rebecca Anderson, Postgraduate Student Representative, Graduate Entry Medical School
Dr Sara Hayes, Postdoctoral Researcher, Clinical Therapies


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