The EHS Learning Teaching & Assessment Committee aims to provide an institutionally consistent approach to ensuring clarity of communication and alignment of initiatives and supports in teaching, learning and assessment between faculties, Centre for Transformative Learning (CTL) and the University of Limerick Education and Student Engagement Committee (ESEC).  The committee fulfils the important role of communication, cross faculty strategic implementation & innovation, the sharing of ideas and the implementation of actions from the university committee and strategy.

Currently there is a variation in how learning and teaching committees operate in each faculty.  Where Departmental or School committees are in place in EHS, these committees will remain in place. All Departmental or School representatives will ensure appropriate lines of communication back to their department or School.

Membership Role Member Email Start Date
Chair - Dean or nominee Prof Rachel Msetfi Sep-22
Head of School / 
Department or nominee (per school/department)
School of Allied Health
Dr Rosie Gowran Sep-22
Physical Education & Sport Sciences
Dr Antonio Calderon
School of Education
Dr Aishling Flaherty
School of Medicine
Dr Sarah Hyde
Dept. Psychology
Dept. Nursing & Midwifery
Kathleen Markey
ADAA Dr Siobhan Howard Sep-22
Faculty Learning Technologist Adrienne Horan Sep-22
Head CTL or nominee Dr Mary Fitzpatrick Sep-22
Faculty Librarian Michelle Breen Sep-22
Faculty ITD Business Partner Gina Phelan Sep-22
Student Life (ULSL) President or nominee (sabbatical officer) SU Vice President Academic Officer: Kieran Guiry Sep-22
PSU President or nominee (sabbatical officer) PSU VP Academic Research: Vivin Viswanath Sep-22
Additional members to be co-opted by committee as appropriate None at this time