EHS Equality and Diversity Committee

The Equality and Diversity (ED) Committee in the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences meets a minimum of twice every semester and is supported by a part time Research Assistant and the UL Equality and Diversity office. Click here for the Committee’s Terms of Reference.

The membership of the committee is drawn from academic, professional and support staff across the six Department and Schools. Members are also drawn from student representative bodies and other strategic positions co-opted onto the Committee to ensure a wide a knowledge base as possible. List of current is membership available  here.

The Committee is represented on the UL Athena Swan Steering Committee as well as the four institution wide Working Groups that were set up to advance the equality, diversity and inclusion agenda across the University. The representatives provide a pivotal role in taking the equality and diversity issues that require university wide attention from the committee to these platforms and feeding back relevant information to committee members. A diagrammatic representation of the Committee structure is available here.

The work of the ED Committee is informed by the members’ experiences and input drawn from: the learning from engaging in the Athena Swan process; the common issues shared across all Departments and Schools as they strive to embed equality, diversity and inclusion practices; policy changes and developments in the University and the wider external environment. These all inform the bi-annual work plan of the Committee which, framed by available resources, is reflected in the Committees Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Action Plan available to view here.

EHS Equality and Diversity SharePoint Site