HRI Research
Tuesday, 27 February 2024

The EHS Research Committee are delighted to announce the EHS Research Culture Award 2024 with the intent of formally acknowledging and celebrating EHS colleagues (individuals or teams) who have positively influenced the research culture in EHS. It recognises outstanding efforts that foster collegiality, collaboration, efficiency, and ultimately, a thriving research community. The award is open to all EHS staff (including academic, research, professional, managerial and support staff).

The EHS Research Committee research culture award aims to acknowledge and celebrate individuals or teams within EHS who have made a positive impact on the research culture. A positive research culture facilitates research excellence by providing a supportive, inclusive and collaborative environment where researchers can learn from each other, share knowledge, and collaborate on interdisciplinary projects. It promotes innovation by encouraging researchers to think creatively, take risks, and explore new ideas. Additionally, it helps attract and retain talented researchers, who will be drawn to institutions that prioritise a healthy and supportive research environment. Research culture includes research activities, support structures and resources available to researchers, and the broader context in which research is conducted.

EHS Research Culture Award

Proposed Candidates: This award celebrates individuals and/or teams that champion a vibrant and supportive research culture within the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences (EHS).  Examples of such activities may include promoting collaboration (particularly interdisciplinary, international, intersectoral, and/or interfaculty), support and/or mentorship, advancing openness and transparency, Integrating research in education and practice, creating an inclusive and diverse research community, promoting research ethics and integrity, removing barriers to research, accelerating the research success of others, and establishing effective systems and processes for research.

Criteria: Evidence of a strong contribution and specific commitment to research culture, and alignment with at least one priority culture area: collaboration, support and/or mentorship, openness and transparency, or inclusivity and diversity (70%); evidence of alignment to the research priorities of the University and Faculty (30%).

Application process:

  • Nominations: The generic application form needs to be completed for each nominee, with a maximum 500-word justification taking into consideration the criteria noted for the respective award. The generic application form can be completed by self-nominated nominees or by others who wish to propose nominees.
  • Submissions: Completed application forms are to be returned to by 12pm Tuesday 19th March 2024. Submissions that are not on the generic application form will not be considered.
  • Awarding Committee: The Committee will comprise of a representative from the EHS Research Committee, a PhD year rep, Research Office, administrative, technical staff and EHS Professorship.
  • Award Process: Awardees will be formally acknowledged by the Executive Dean in EHS, receive a certificate of achievement, and may be invited to share their best practices with the wider academic community.
  • Award / Prize: Monetary prize of €500 for research account / professional development purposes.