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Dr. Tadhg MacIntyre

"My research interests span three domains. My primary focus is in the field of motor cognition, an area concerned with understanding the representation of action. Key topics for researchers include mental imagery, observational learning, and embodied cognition and cognitive aspects of expertise. My second area of study has been professional issues and ethics in consulting. Here I have investigated client-centred practice, scientist-practitioner models and practitioner self-care.  And thirdly, I am conducting research in positive psychology and physical activity. This includes the following topics: the role of therapeutic lifestyle behaviours, body image and green exercise. To date, I have supervised two PhD students to completion I currently co-supervise seven doctorate candidates.

My research trajectory includes exploration of the above topics using a pragmatic approach to research questions. Consequently, this includes, where possible, the application of a converging methods perspective to cognitive neuroscience questions, as advocated by Kosslyn (1994). For other research domains, I have employed a mixed-methods approach including semi-structured interviews, diary studies, and quasi-experimental designs. 

Type of student I am looking for:

Intellectual curiosity is the key attribute for an aspiring PhD candidate. So students should be intrigued by the major themes in psychology like change, growth and efficiency. Reflective abilities and organisational skills are other important attributes. Typically, I ask an aspiring student to write 5,000 words on a topic prior to acceptance, to ensure that they have proficient scientific writing skills. A PhD is a significant body of work so it a long term commitment to the project is required."