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Dr. Carol-Anne Murphy

Before moving to UL, I practiced as a speech and language therapist, then speech and language therapy service manager. My PhD involved profiling and intervening in sentence production difficulties in childhood language impairment. I am currently supervising research in dynamic assessment in narrative and standardising a story retell tool assessing verb knowledge in sentence production. 

Case series and group studies will research the comparative effectiveness of deductive versus inductive interventions across the developmental trajectory for language comprehension and sentence production impairments. These will consider outcomes across impairment and functioning. Collaborating internationally to inform theory and practice in childhood language impairment. 

Type of student I am looking for:

PhD/MRes students with a keen interest in supporting child language development, language impairments and the impact of these on wider functioning. Backgrounds in speech and language therapy particularly relevant but also education or psychology. Interest in developing appropriate care pathways and/or outcome measurement also welcome.