Psychometric Tests

Employers use various psychometric tests as part of their selection procedure, either in the preliminary stage or during the final assessment. Your performance in these tests will often determine whether or not you are called for the first interview. Consequently, it is important to understand the format and purpose of such tests to optimise your performance.


There are two main types of Psychometric tests, personality tests and aptitude tests.

Personality tests explore your interests, values and motivations, analysing how your character fits the role and organisation. They analyse your emotions, behaviours and relationships in a variety of situations.

Aptitude tests assess your reasoning or cognitive ability, determining whether you've got the right skill set for a role. Your intelligence levels are compared to a standard, meaning that you must achieve a specific score to pass.

Common tests include:

  1. diagrammatic reasoning
  2. error checking
  3. numerical reasoning
  4. spatial reasoning
  5. verbal reasoning


Practice psychometric tests online

The Careers Service has negotiated a license that allows UL students to access an online practice psychometric test package at no cost. The tests are very similar in style to those used by many employers in recruitment – such as:

  1. numerical reasoning
  2. verbal reasoning
  3. abstract reasoning.
  4. situational judgment.

There is an option to do other types of test such as:

  1. career interest inventory
  2. learning styles indicator
  3. personality indicator (the Type Dynamics Indicator)
  4. emotional intelligence questionnaire
  5. resilience scale questionnaire
  6. values-based indicator of motivation


You will be able to take the tests online at any time and as often as you like. After submitting your answers to each test, you will immediately be sent an e-mail which will give you your scores for that test and a range of other feedback on your performance - this will include information on how you might improve your scores.

This is an ideal opportunity to practice tests in a pressure-free environment. There is no limit to the number of attempts you make. If you are a UL student and would like to discuss your test results, make an appointment to see one of the Careers Advisors.