Research highlights: Process Intensification

Intensification is intrinsic to better chemical and process engineering and has always been used in practice. There is a great scope for intensifying multiphase reactions and reactors for realising productivity enhancements, which are crucial for sustainable manufacturing. These enhancements can be in terms of increased throughput; better yield, conversion, and selectivity; smaller environmental footprint; and intrinsically safer operations. We develop different strategies for intensifying multiphase reactions and reactors. Aim is to pave the way towards realising next generation productivity for chemical and allied industries.

Research Highlights: Modular and Intensified Fluidic Devices

Devices without moving parts:

  • Computational modelling – new designs & optimisation
  • Experiments – validation – application development

Research Highlights: Multiphase Flows with Phase Change

Phase change processes such as boiling, cavitation, crystallisation and precipitation play crucial role in many transformation processes. Significant enhancements in productivity and new applications/ products can be realised if these processes are adequately understood and controlled. We are carrying out experimental and computational investigations so as to develop mastery on flows with phase change. This will be achieved by developing multi-scale models addressing different scales and realise a ‘virtual process engineering’ toolkit for designing processes with phase changes.

Micro – meso – macro – scale models of flows with phase change/ Rheologically complex fluids: emulsions, slurries, pneumatic conveying, sticky particles …