Ketan graduated with Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from KIT's College of Engineering, Kolhapur in 2012, and his Masters in Technology with Heat-Power Engineering from Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli in 2016. Before his master's course, he worked at Cooper Corp Pvt Ltd as a Graduate trainee Engineer (2012-13). He also has one year of teaching experience in teaching subjects like Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, and HVAC (2013-14). Before joining his Ph.D. at the University of Limerick, he was working as a Transient Researcher at CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory, Pune for 2.5 years, and subsequently as a Project Engineer at Tridiagonal Solution Pvt. Ltd, Pune for 1.5 years.

Apart from his research interest, he maintains his hobby of reading books, traveling, and playing drums. He is also a good chess player.   

Ketan's current research focuses on designing and optimizing different passive fluidic devices for their use as a continuous flow crystallizer. He employs both multiscale modeling (CFD-PBM) and experimental techniques to investigate flow and continuous crystallization characteristics in passive fluidic devices. His research also extends to developing an integrated simulation platform for stimulating and optimizing continuous flow passive crystallizers. 

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