Amol graduated with a Bachelor of Technology in Chemical Engineering from University of Pune, India in 2021 where he was awarded a gold medal and best outgoing student award. Further he joined Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India for Master of Chemical Engineering programme. Amol worked under the able supervision of Prof. Prakash Vaidya on “Aqueous-Phase Reforming of Wastewater Streams for Hydrogen Production” focused on experimental work where he worked on heterogenous catalysis and reaction engineering. Post completion of masters in 2023, Amol joined Prof. Vivek Ranade’s group at University of Limerick, Ireland in September 2023. His current research is centered on the "Development of Microfluidic Techniques for Continuous Manufacturing of Lipid Nanoparticles for mRNA Vaccines." His goal is to transition from conventional batch scale vaccine production to continuous scale. He works on both experimental and modelling investigations, for example, in hydrodynamic cavitation devices as microfluidic devices for lipid nanoparticle synthesis.

Apart from scientific interests, Amol is an active member in Geeta Pariwar where he is providing seva as a Core Trainer teaching Bhagvad Geeta Shlokas with a focus on pronunciation and Sanskrit grammar. He is a keen learner of languages including Sanskrit, German and French. He has completed Advanced Diploma in German Language and Literature from Dept. of Foreign Languages, University of Pune and has an experience of teaching German to A1 level students. His other interests include going on solo trips, cooking and interpreting German poetry.