Academic partner of ANSYS: have access to full ANSYS suite

  • 25 licenses with adequate HPC packs
  • Multi-core machines

Usual tools like MATLAB, ASPEN, miniTAB …




  • Cold flow facilities: vessels, pipe lines with bends, oscillators …
  • Access to PIV, high speed visualisation
  • Access ot In-situ droplet/ particle visualisation (Mettler PVM, FBRM)
  • Pressure – temperature – acoustics

Processing/ reactions

  • Reactors (glass, steel, hastalloy)
  • In-situ Raman and UV probes
  • Several cavitation reactors, microwave reactors, crystallisers, filters, dryers …
  • Access to wide range of analytical tools: GC, HPLC, LCMS, NMR, SEM, TEM …