Amol is a postdoctoral researcher at the Multiphase Reactor and Intensification Group (mRING). Before joining the Bernal Institute, Amol held the position of Senior Engineer (R&D) at Tridiagonal Solution in Pune, India. During this role, he actively contributed to the development of multiphase solvers for computational fluid dynamics.

Amol earned his PhD (Tech) in Chemical Engineering from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai (formerly known as UDCT Mumbai). Amol joined the research group of Prof. Ashwin W Patwardhan, as a senior research fellow in 2016. His doctoral research, titled "Design Aspects of Gravity Settlers," centered on the experimental and computational fluid dynamics of gravity settlers. Throughout his PhD, Amol worked extensively with experimental techniques, including ultrasonic velocity profiling and multiphase models that explored the interaction of solids within the liquid phase.

Amol completed his master's degree from the Institute of Chemical Technology in Mumbai, where he specialized in the synthesis of hydrophobic membranes for applications like separating stable emulsions, proteins, and dyes from wastewater. After his masters, Amol contributed to the development of a hygienic water-free toilet, a project funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. His work involved designing and operating prototypes for the separation of faecal matter using polymeric beads and air, instead of water.

Currently, Amol's research focuses on the development and scale-up of intensified devices for multiphase operations and the modeling of continuous processes. His primary objective is to transition batch processes into continuous flow reactors, with the goal of producing 1 kg/day of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) using lab-scale reactors.

Amol is also working with Maynooth University, SSPC – the SFI Research Centre for Pharmaceuticals and Janssen Pharmaceutical. In this project, Development of a Dynochem based Methodology for Design, Optimisation and Scale-up of Continuous Reactors for  Validation for Neutralisation of Acidic Waste Streams is the primary aim. The flow reactor design for continuous neutralisation of acidic waste steam will be developed with the help of Dynochem software from scale-up systems. 

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