Md Saiful Islam is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Dairy Processing Technology Center (DPTC), University of Limerick. He is working in DPTC to enhance existing effluent treatment plants using efficient pre-treatment and post-treatment modular technologies and to convert waste sludge from a burden into valuable renewable energy & material resources for industry. Before joined in University of Limerick he was working in Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR) as a Principle Scientific Officer. He earned his BSc. and M.Sc. in Chemistry from University of Dhaka. He obtained his PhD in Biochemical Engineering from Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing. His experience spans anaerobic digestion of lignicelluloses, cattle dung, poultry liter, co-digestion (dairy sludge, press mud, leaves, tannery solid wastes) etc. along with the pretreatment technologies for valorisation of waste streams. He has received CAS-TWAS President’s Fellowship for his PhD and JICA Fellowship for Biomass Technology Research in AIST, Hiroshima, Japan.