Vidit graduated with a Bachelor of Technology and majored in Chemical Engineering from the University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kanpur University in 2017. He further enrolled at IIT Delhi in the Master of Technology programme and completed his Master’s project in Prof. Vivek Buwa’s research group in 2020. Before joining his Ph.D. at the University of Limerick, Vidit had a brief stint as a Graduate Engineer Trainee at Technip FMC, Noida (2020).

Vidit’s work here at UL focuses on designing and optimizing a continuous crystallisation methodology combining hydrodynamic cavitation and crystallisation. This work involves both experiments and multiscale modeling employing the use of CFD and PBM to investigate the hydrodynamics in cavitation devices and their effect on crystallisation kinetics.

Apart from scientific interests, Vidit likes to create art, be it with a pencil or an ukulele. He is also deeply interested in the field of science communication and aims to contribute to that aspect of scientific education as well.