University of Limerick/Shandong University of Technology partnership meeting
Tuesday, December 3, 2019

By Dr Angela Farrell and Michelle Daly, School of Modern Languages and Applied Linguistics (MLAL).

Dr Angela Farrell and Ph.D. student Michelle Daly (MLAL) are currently guest EAP lecturers at Shandong University of Technology (SDUT) in Zibo in China as part of the 2+2 undergraduate joint programme between UL and SDUT.

SDUT, founded in 1956, is situated in the city of Zibo, in the Shandong province, three hours east of Beijing. This highly ecological, modern campus covering an area of 240 hectares hosts approximately 33,300 students (SDUT 2019).

During their visit, they have attended meetings with SDUT faculty members leading the 2+2 undergraduate joint programme including Li Xinhong (Director, Office of International Cooperation & Exchange), Han Lei (Deputy Director, Office of International Cooperation & Exchange), Niu Shutian (Deputy Director, Centre for Teacher Development), Yu Zhitao (Vice Dean of Foreign Language School), Yin Meiying (Director, International Office), Fan Zenghua (Programme Director, Mechanical Engineering), and Zhao Mingbo (Programme Director, Computer Science). This is with a view to further exploring future links, student and teacher exchanges, and English Medium-Instruction (EMI) courses for the SDUT language teachers at the University of Limerick, and research collaboration in TESOL education.

This has been a rich cultural and educational experience for all involved. A special thanks for the warm welcome to Mingbo Zhao (Programme Director, Computer Science) and the SDUT team. We are being very well looked after during our one month visit.