Tuesday, 25 January 2022

The Department of Politics and Public Administration are delighted to annouce the Spring 2022 Online Seminar Series


  • Eszter Kollar (KU Leuven) Justice in Labour Immigration: A Trilemma 

  • Marina Selnitsyna (UL) Russia’s Divided Democrats: Splits and Barriers to Coalition-Building (2011-2019) 

  • Caitlin Ryan (Groningen) Gendered citizenship: Land reform, legitimacy, and the limits of inclusive statebuilding in Liberia and Sierra Leone 

  • Leslie Huckfield (Glasgow Caledonian University) Is the marketisation of the third sector in the UK stoppable? 

  • Neil Robinson (UL) F’ing Russia 

  • Barbara Gruber (Groningen) Affective Subjectivation in Radicalization Prevention 

Click here for a complete listing of dates and links.

Listings of online seminar series with MS teams links [PDF]