Mamobo Ogoro is the first Sanctuary PhD Fellow at the University of Limerick. Born in Nigeria, but raised in Ireland since the age of 3, Mamobo's multicultural upbringing has paved the way for her research, in which her interests include multicultural identities, discrimination, integration, inclusivity & diversity.

Trained as a social psychologist with a keen interest in multicultural identities and racism, Mamobo now is using the social psychological knowledge gained from both her undergraduate and masters degrees to apply it to her PhD.

Her work now involves analyzing the discursive techniques used in establishing in-groups and out-groups in terms of cultural identity, race and ethnicity in Irish discourse. Likewise, she aims to study discourse around individuals from a scale of individuals in the Irish asylum seeking process to non-white Irish born citizens and analyse the inclusive and exclusive linguistic strategies used to portray and frame their cultural/ethnic/racial identities as well as their belonging in Irish society. 

Postgraduate researcher profile: Audrey Galvin

Audrey's research examines how the print media write about cases of murder-suicide in Ireland.
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