Welcoming students to UL Open Day
Monday, 22 January 2024

University of Limerick Graduate and Professional Studies warmly welcomed prospective postgraduate students to its campus last Saturday as part of its January Open Day event. The Open Day served as a platform for prospective students to gain valuable insights into their options for further study at UL as well as an opportunity to interact with faculty members, current students, and alumni.

The highlight of the Postgraduate Open Day was the engaging panel discussion titled "Commit to Curiosity: Unlocking the Power of Postgraduate Education." The panel, composed of current students and accomplished alumni, delved into the impact of postgraduate education.

Professor Martin Hayes, Professor of Digital Technologies and the lead on the UL@Work project at University of Limerick, facilitated the panel discussion, guiding the conversation towards the significance of fostering lifelong curiosity in the pursuit of career goals.

The panelists shared their personal experiences and insights, emphasising the transformative effects of postgraduate studies on their personal and professional development. The key areas highlighted during the discussion included:

Preparing for the Working World: The panel emphasised how a postgraduate qualification equipped them with the specialised knowledge and skills necessary to excel in their chosen field, providing a competitive edge in the job market.

Growth in Independence and Critical Thinking: Postgraduate education fosters a culture of independent learning and critical thinking. Panelists shared how this aspect of their academic journey enhanced their problem-solving skills and ability to approach challenges with a fresh perspective.

Project Management: The discussion touched upon the practical aspects of postgraduate studies, such as project management skills. The panelists shared how their academic projects and research experiences contributed to their ability to plan, execute, and deliver successful projects.

Leadership: The transformative nature of postgraduate education was underscored with a focus on leadership development. Panelists highlighted how the academic environment provided opportunities for leadership roles, empowering them to become influential figures in their respective fields.

Accreditation: The significance of obtaining a recognised and accredited postgraduate qualification was emphasized, showcasing the value it adds to an individual's professional profile and the trust it instils in employers.

Prospective students were also invited to attend information sessions on fees, funding, eligibility and RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning.)

The team at UL Graduate and Professional Studies host a series of events to assist future students uncover their options for full-time, part-time and short postgraduate programmes. For more information visit https://www.ul.ie/gps/events