Upskilling That Fits Around You

MicroCreds are bite-sized, accredited, enterprise powered qualifications. These university certified short courses allow learners to control their own career and skills growth.

MicroCreds support companies in developing cutting edge talent thereby increasing competitive advantage.

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What makes MicroCreds different?

Why MicroCreds?

The short courses work well when you are working as you have time to work around the schedule.
Its been a really good way of re-introducing study to decide what I could do without committing upfront.
I would like to expand my horizon from an engineering point of view and to introduce myself to the business side of organizations

MicroCreds at UL

MicroCreds is a HCI funded, €12.3 million project led by the IUA to empower lifelong learning in Ireland through short courses known as MicroCreds. UL is working collaboratively with other universities in Ireland to standardise MircoCreds nationally so that there is consistent and transferrable accreditaiton recognition across the short courses offered. 

UL has been upskilling professional learners through short modules for some time. In fact, short module learner uptake has increased by 175% in recent years. Given the impact of short modules (or micro-credentials) on enhancing enterprise talent, UL has joined a national initiative to help build a framework, strengthen awareness and increase the national offering of micro-credentials in areas of noted skill gaps.

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