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International Scholarships Policy

The University of Limerick has both undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships that are available for non-EU applicants. All applicants are assessed for scholarship at the time of entry assessment and if you are successful in meeting the thresholds for a scholarship, you will receive a scholarship letter with your University of Limerick offer letter. These partial scholarships are merit-based.

  1. A scholarship is only available for the programme you have been accepted on to. A scholarship cannot be transferred to any other programme. If you change programmes the scholarship is no longer valid.
  2. In order to avail of your scholarship you must enrol on your offered programme in September of your academic year. The scholarship cannot be used if you enrol at a later date.
  3. The scholarship is available to you on the basis that you are liable for the full Non-EU tuition fee. If you are not liable for the Non-EU tuition fee the scholarship is no longer valid.
  4. The scholarship is available to you on the basis that you are willing to serve the University in its internationalisation and student related projects for not more than 1-2 hours per week during the period of study if necessary.
  5. You may only hold one scholarship. If you are in receipt of an external scholarship or external funding, you will not be entitled to hold a University of Limerick scholarship

*Please note that a scholarship amount is deductible from your tuition amount. Tuition fees are subject to annual review and may change. Please ensure you are aware of the Non- EU, Full Time fee for your programme prior to enrolment

** Information on tuition fees can be found on the UL Student Fees webpage

Your programme fee is located under Full-Time Non- EU fee. Please note full tuition fees must be paid in full prior to enrolment and tuition fees are subject to annual review. In additional a Student Centre Levy of €90 for the academic year will be applied. Please note full tuition fees minus the value of your scholarship must be paid prior to enrolment.