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1 Year
NFQ Level 9 Major Award
Faculty: Kemmy Business School
Course Type: Taught
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Name: Dr Yvonne Costin
Email: Telephone: +353 61 234613
Name: Declan Mills
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Brief Description

This programme provides students with the knowledge, skills and analytical tools to develop an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset to identify and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities for new business start-up, and for innovating in existing organisations, creating added-value and leading transformational change. The programme focuses on developing impactful entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurial leaders and is centered on the premise that entrepreneurship education is about building ‘character’ (the entrepreneur/intrapreneur/innovator) and ‘capability’ (seizing business opportunities and disrupting innovations) to develop capacity to be innovative, creative and entrepreneurial leaders in a variety of enterprise contexts and sizes. 

The business world is in a constant state of change and uncertainty driven by the need for businesses to deliver on economic, social, environmental and sustainable goals.  Therefore the concepts of entrepreneurship and organisational innovation are dominating the existing global business community and are central when establishing a start-up or scaling existing enterprises in the current competitive uncertain world.

This Masters programme equips students with specialist knowledge and the practical ability to start and globally scale an enterprise and linked to this students will learn frameworks and practical tips to implement innovation strategies. Content will explore the foundations of entrepreneurship and how, when integrated with innovation they create disruptive business models for a competitive advantage in a highly competitive business environment.

Emphasis is placed on applied and experiential learning, where students gain first-hand experience of learning from and working with entrepreneurs and innovators. The programme develops entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial mind-sets, and in-demand skill sets including complex problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, innovation, creativity, people management, emotional intelligence, decision-making, resilience, negotiating and pitching. These skills will enable students to discover and analyse where the entrepreneurial and innovation opportunities lie and how these can be operationalised for social, economic, technological and environmental impacts.

Entrepreneurial and innovative behaviour and expertise is promoted across all business functions, developing the necessary capabilities to scale and develop new ventures seeking innovation and growth


Programme Aims:

  •  Provides an in-depth understanding of entrepreneurship and organisational innovation and investigates how when both are integrated create sustainable entrepreneurial solutions through effective business modelling.
  •  Obtain an understanding on how to analyse organizational conditions and contexts to create and facilitate the conditions necessary for organisational innovation and entrepreneurship to take place.
  • Develop knowledge to practice and manage analytical tools to engage in the process of entrepreneurship, idea generation, and organisational creativity and innovation for impact.
  • Acquire and practice skills and techniques to develop an entrepreneurial and innovative mind-set to become an agile and creative entrepreneurial leader in transforming business concepts and opportunities into viable business propositions for commercial, social and environmental impact.
  • Gain a suite of entrepreneurial competencies required to understand, engage and communicate with a range of stakeholders to deliver creative and innovative solutions. 
  • Advance management and leadership skills to undertake resource planning across financial, human, technological and organisational contexts to commercialise, scale and internationalise business opportunities.


Benefits of Participation:


  • Innovative incubator: opportunity to engage in immersive learning on your entrepreneurial journey of creating and developing a new venture (commercial or social).
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation Competitions and Start-Up Boot camps – Opportunities to participate to win funding and mentoring support through a range of competitions – e.g. Student Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, UL Foundation Entrepreneurship and Innovation Awards.
  • Action learning in consultancy and enterprise projects: Learning with and from entrepreneurs and innovators through enterprise consultancy projects in innovation, marketing and business development, strategic entrepreneurship, scaling and internationalisation, providing a transformational personal and business related learning experience
  • Building your Entrepreneurial Network – supported in building a coordinated network of corporate innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and venture capitalists, government support agencies, and regulators 
  • Enhancing your entrepreneurial brand: receive mentoring and coaching on how to build a compelling self-brand to deliver impact in entrepreneurial or intrapreneurial contexts and companies.
  • Start-Up Accelerator: Provides a pathway for career progression to accelerator programmes e.g. the Student Inc. programme (, engagement with the Nexus Innovation Centre at the University, mentoring from entrepreneurs and development agency representatives.



Autumn Semester  Spring Semester Summer Semester 


  • EP6021 Ideation and Opportunity Recognition for Innovation (9 ECTS)
  • EP6031 Business Modelling for Innovation (6 ECTS)
  • EP6041 Entrepreneurial Marketing and Business Development (9 ECTS)
  • EP6051 Resource Planning and Operations Management for Start-Up & Growth (6 ECTS)
  • EP6022 Entrepreneurial Scaling & Internationalisation (9 ECTS)
  • EP6032 Strategic Entrepreneurship Applied Consulting Project (6 ECTS)
  • EP6042 Researching Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (9 ECTS)
  • PM6102 Human Resource Management (6 ECTS)
  • EP6023/EP6033 Thesis/Entrepreneurial Incubation and Commercialisation (30 ECTS)

Content of modules can be found by using the search option on the book of modules.

Programme Delivery

Drawing on a wide range of theories and international best practices that shape the field of entrepreneurship, organisational innovation and business development, the programme offers an excellent blend of theory and practice.


Applying knowledge in practice is a core element of the Masters of Entrepreneurship and Organisational Innovation through experiential immersive learning opportunities. Students have the opportunity to learn with and from entrepreneurs and relevant industry experts through guest speakers, organised networking events, mentoring, and entrepreneurship and innovation competitions. Further, learning approaches will require students to apply theory to practice or the ‘knowing to doing’ via entrepreneurial and organisational innovation in-company consultancy projects/live case studies and pitching events. These flipped classroom interactions expand a student’s network of professional contacts and employers, providing maximum flexibility for students to personalise their entrepreneurial journey and learning experience.

Applicants for a Master’s programme must normally have a first or second class Level 8 honours degree (NFQ or other internationally recognised equivalent) in a relevant or appropriate subject, or equivalent prior learning that is recognised by the University as meeting this requirement (Level 8 - National Qualifications Authority of Ireland). Applicants must also satisfy the English Language Requirements* of the University. Applicants who have a 3rd class honours degree with substantial small business related experience as entrepreneurs or as an employee in a small or medium sized firm may be considered in accordance with the University's policy on the recognition of prior learning. These candidates will be required to submit a written portfolio of business learning outcomes with accompanying testimonials. The University reserves the right to shortlist and interview applicants as deemed necessary.

  • A copy of your passport or birth certificate
  • If your qualifications have been obtained in a country where English is an official language this will suffice
  • If this is not available, the following additional documents must be provided:
    • English translation of your qualification(s)/transcripts
    • English language competency certificate

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EU - €9,002

Non- EU - €17,544

Further information on fees and payment of fees is available from the Student Fees Office website. All fee related queries should be directed to the Student Fees Office (Phone: +353 61 213 007 or email

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This programme appeals to graduates from a range of backgrounds wishing to enhance their enterepreneurial mindset and interested in career opportunities such as launching a new business, developing and scaling existing businesses, managing innovation and intrapreneurial careers.

The programme will benefit:

  • Students from diverse discipline backgrounds e.g. business, science and engineering, biomedical, computer science, creative arts, mathematical or any other graduate degrees.
  • Nascent or aspiring entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart their enterprise (social and or commercial), and more experienced entrepreneurs who have achieved some success but require a  deeper understanding  of how to scale and internationalise
  • Researchers who want to develop business ideas and learn how to effectively translate and commercialise research into products/services offerings.

Graduates of this programme will have a choice of career opportunities such as:

  • Launch,  scale and internationalise  their own enterprise
  • Be employed by support and development agencies supporting start ups
  • Working in companies of all sizes and sectors, who focus and place emphasis on intrapreneurship and organisational innovation 
  • Working in Financial and Venture Capital companies
  • Developing a career in management and strategic entrepreneurships consulting


Graduate Testimonials

Graduates will have developed the specialist knowledge and a practical understanding across the linked areas of entrepreneurship and innovation and will have the skills, knowledge and network to transfer the learnings in start-up contexts, scaling an enterprise, and managing innovation for start-up and existing organisations.

Read more about our graduates here.

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