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Course Start Date:
May 27th 2024
6 Weeks
University Certificate of Study
NFQ Level 8
Faculty: Education and Health Sciences
Course Type: Professional/Flexible
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Name: PESS Micro-credentials

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Brief Description

This micro-credential is suitable for students who need to complete the required area of study Competitive, Team and Individual Based Activities  to meet the registration requirements set down in the Teaching Council Regulation for Physical Education.

This micro-credential will allow students to become familiar with a selection of competitive team and individual game-based activities, ones in which skills and tactics are easily identifiable and practiced.

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Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  • Articulate the characteristics of various curriculum models, principles that determine their use, and the pros and cons of using each within physical education.
  • Identify and understand the principles of play, tactics and skills involved in competitive team and individual game-based activities
  • Select effective and appropriate instructional strategies and adaptions to maximise student learning and engagement in competitive team and individual game-based activities
  • Identify and apply key characteristics of the TGfU curriculum model through which students experience the module content (SCPE).
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of highlighted team and individual games by outlining the elements that give form to the selected game including rules, boundaries and scoring (SCPE).
  • Appreciate the carry-over of learning from one competitive team and individual game-based activity to another and how it will assist them in their teaching of the content.
  • Demonstrate the principles of play, tactics, and skills involved during competitive team and individual activities through the Teaching Games for Understanding curriculum model.
  • Implement effective and appropriate instructional strategies and adaptations to maximise student learning and engagement in competitive team and individual game-based activities.


  • Online Quiz
  • Practical assessment

Student Weekly Time Commitment

  • 10 hours


Applicants must have completed, or be near completion, an NFQ level 8 qualification in one the following areas:

  1. Health and Leisure
  2. Sports Science
  3. Physical Education (not teaching council accredited)
  4. Sports coaching
  5. Sports management
  6. Athletic Rehab
  7. Sport and Business
  8. National Exercise in Fitness and Health

Applicants are not required to have completed their course yet but must be registered on their level 8 course to be eligible to apply for this MicroCred. Their level 8 course must meet 180 ECTS with 60ECTS having a Physical Education component.

Please express your interest above to receive further information.

Entry requirements are established to ensure the learner can engage with the course material and assessments, at a level suitable to their needs, and the academic requirements of the module. By applying to this micro-credential, you are confirming that you have reviewed and understand any such requirements, and that you meet the eligibility criteria for admission.

Successful completion of this module does not automatically qualify you for entry into a further award. All programme applicants must meet the entry requirements listed if applying for a further award.

EU €750

Non EU €1500

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