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One Semester (12 Weeks)
University Certificate of Study
NFQ Level 9 Minor Award
Faculty: Education and Health Sciences
Course Type: Professional/Flexible
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Name: Department of Nursing & Midwifery
Address: Faculty of Education & Health Sciences Email: Telephone: +353 61 202271

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Please ensure you enter the Module Code above when applying for this module. Applications without this cannot be processed. You may apply for more than one module under the same application.

Please ensure you enter the Module Code below when applying for this module. Applications without this cannot be processed. You may apply for more than one module under the same application.

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Advanced Assessment in Respiratory Nursing 




Sept. 2022

€800 - EU

€1,500 - Non-EU


This module provides the student with the opportunity to develop their competence and expertise in respiratory nursing assessment. Assessment is the preliminary phase to identifying individual needs and priorities for care. This module focuses on the role of the nurse at this level in observation and examination, as well as critical evaluation and application of advanced assessment tools and diagnostic indicators in respiratory nursing.  

The module is divided into themes where the student will be given appropriate material for reading and viewing/listening.

Theme 1: Introduction &Respiratory Anatomy & Physiology

Theme 2: The role of Palliative Care in Respiratory Assessment

Theme 3: Respiratory Failure. ABG interpretation, scenarios

Theme 4: Oxygen Assessment

Theme 5: Respiratory Investigations, PFT’s · Bronchoscopy videos.

Theme 6: Respiratory History Taking, Assessment of the Acutely unwell Respiratory Patient

Theme 7: Physical Respiratory Exam skills

Theme 8: Clinical skills, Chest Auscultation sounds, Inhaler Technique

Theme 9: OSCE day

Theme 10: The role of the MDT in Respiratory assessment- SLT ·

Theme 11: The role of the Physiotherapist in Respiratory Assessment

Theme 12- The role of the ANP and CNS 

Learning Outcomes

  • Critically evaluate advanced assessment approaches and prioritise interventions in response to the needs of individuals experiencing respiratory health conditions and alterations to airway and breathing.
  • Critically apply advanced assessment techniques to the complex needs of individuals with respiratory conditions. 
  • Critically apply knowledge of pathophysiology to the nursing assessment of individuals experiencing respiratory conditions.
  • Critically discuss the challenges in leading holistic assessment in nursing individuals with altered respiratory status. ·
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the complex interrelationship between the physiological and psychosocial needs of individuals experiencing altered respiratory function.
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the importance of using evidence to inform advanced nursing assessment and diagnostic practice. 
  1. A Registered Nurse on the current register of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland.
  2. Applicants whose first language is not English must provide evidence of either prior successful completion of a degree qualification taught through the medium of English or meet criteria identified in the English Language qualifications set by the University of Limerick.
  3. Applicable to each module 

€800 EU - €1,500 Non EU 

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