Career Development Toolkit for Guidance Counsellors and Transition Year Coordinators

First Leanings is a career development toolkit for transition year students and is designed to support students around self-assessment, researching options, subject choice and work experience in an engaging and interactive way. The toolkit is also designed to be flexible enough to be integrated into any TY programme structure and can be adapted to fit the specific needs of any school or student group. Each of the modules can be used together or as standalone elements. Based on the extensive testing of the product, the toolkit facilitates hands-on learning as well as opportunities for reflection and both self-awareness and personal development.

The First Leanings toolkit is designed to:

  • Help Transition Year students to develop an accurate understanding of their individual traits, interests, personality preferences, skills, personal values and motivations
  • Assist Transition Year students in learning about third-level education in a range of disciplinary areas and relevant employment market sectors
  • Encourage Transition Year students to align their career preferences with their choices in relation to Leaving Certificate subjects and subsequent third-level courses
  • Support Transition Year students in making informed decisions around their course and career options
  • Allow Transition Year students to make choices that are congruent with their profile and preferences and the world of work
  • Guide Transition Year students in preparation for relevant work experience and the reality of the world of work


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