Dr. Nita Mishra is a lecturer in the Department of Politics & Public Administration of University of Limerick. Her research interests lie in feminist research methodologies, rights-based approaches to development, grassroots governance, women & empowerment processes, and the right to food. Her poetry, widely published, is critically acclaimed as the future of Irish feminisms. Dr. Mishra is the current Chair of Development Studies Association of Ireland, and a Director on the European Association of Development Research and Training Institutes.


Recent Publications


1. McCann, Gerard, Nita Mishra & Padraig Carmody (eds). 2022. COVID-19: The Global South and the Pandemic's Development Impact. Bristol: Bristol University Press; 

2. Mishra, Nita. 2022. ‘The Sa-chetana Process: In search of frameworks to understand women’s empowerment’ in Women, Activism and Politics, edited by Anjoo Sharan Upadhyay and Åshild Kolås, Routledge, India; 

3. Mishra, Nita and Lahiff, E. 2022. ‘Food entitlements: Political will versus preparedness of the state in Odisha’ in Food Governance in India: Rights, Security and Challenges in the Global Sphere, Anjoo Sharan Upadhyaya, Åshild Kolås, and Ruchita Beri (eds), Routledge India; 

4) Mishra, Nita. 2021. 'Affective, Embodied Experiences of doing Fieldwork in India: A feminist's perspective' in Empowering Methodologies in Organisational and Social Research by Emma Bell, Sunita Singh Sengupta (eds), Routledge India; 

5) Mishra, Nita. 2021. “Operationalizing rights-based approaches to development: chinks in the armour observed through a study of anganwadi workers in Odisha, India” in Poverty and Human Rights: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, Suzanne Egan and Anna Chadwick (eds), London: Edward Elgar, pp 171-187; 

6) Mishra, Nita, Jenny Onyx and Trees McCormick.  2021. ‘Using Collective Memory Work in Development Education’, in Policy & Practice: A Development Education Review, Issue 32, pp 79-102


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