On 2 May 2012, the Centre welcomed Dr Alex de Waal, Executive Director of the World Peace Foundation at the Fletcher School, Tufts University for an Agenda Setting lecture for the Department of Politics and Public Administration on 'Contesting Visions of Peace in Africa: Darfur, Ivory Coast, Libya', focusing on the development of African Union's approach to conflict resolution, and drawing on his own experience as a mediator in African conflicts (see Working Paper). James Wanki, PhD candidate in PPA and Marie Curie Fellow at Bradford University, represented the CPDS as discussant for the lecture, providing an elegant commentary based on his own research on West African peace and security architecture.

As Director of CPDS, Prof. Tom Lodge commented: 'It was everything an Agenda Setting Lecture should be: topical, thoughtful, analytically interesting but also accessible, and evidently addressing issues that appealed to a wide cross section of the people who live and work in this city.' The lecture was well attended by staff and students from UL, including Vice President Research Dr Mary Shire, as well as by representatives from Irish Aid, Christian Aid and other NGOs, producing a lively discussion. Also contributing to the event were Jacques Lobe of the New Communities Partnership and other members of the local African community, who attended the lecture following on their participation in a workshop earlier that afternoon, led by Chris McInerney with MA in Development students, Jenna Stroly and Jennifer Ryan.