Catherine McLoone on her graduation day

LLM Law (general): Graduate Profile - Catherine Mc Loone

I firmly believe the LLM has given me a huge boost of confidence and led me to do things I would never have known I could. I have worked internally with the Law Society for over ten years as tutor and internal examiner, and now I am currently a dissertation supervisor for a number of LLM students studying the LLM Advanced Legal Practice in the Law Society of Ireland. The academic experience of completing the LLM in UL certainly paved the way for me to qualify for these roles.
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University of Limerick graduate Kaiden Reding holding her diploma in a cap and gown

MA in Public History and Cultural Heritage: Graduate Profile - Kaiden Reding

I appreciate all the work and care that goes into a remote program like my own, and I'm grateful to UL for making my MA experience so painless and well-organised.

It's great to know that all the effort I put in was recognised and paid off, and that UL was the perfect choice as I hoped it would be.
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Rhiannon smiling for the photo

MA in Irish Music Studies: Graduate Profile - Rhiannon

I am from Connecticut, USA. I have been playing the harp for about 11 years now. My undergraduate degree was a BA in performance, and I wanted to expand my knowledge. I chose this course because I think the topics that it covers are interesting and it is a perfect combination of my favourite subjects, English, History and Music.
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Damien Donnellan smiling in photo

MA in Public History and Cultural Heritage: Graduate Profile - Damien Donnellan

I had an interest in doing an MA for a number of years but with working full time, I had to figure out what would work. This programme piqued my interest, particularly because it was offered online and part time, which suited me perfectly and was spread over two years, which was fantastic as well.
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linh smiling for the photograph on a windy day

MA in TESOL: Graduate Profile - Linh Doan

I was looking at courses in New Zealand and Australia because they are closer to Vietnam than Ireland, I did not think of going to Europe initially. As soon as I heard that there was a TESOL program in UL, I had a look at it and compared it to other courses; I thought it looked interesting.
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Catherine Caball smiling in photo

MA in Sociology (Youth, Community and Social Regeneration): Graduate Profile - Catherine Caball

As a mature student, initially it was very daunting. I was very overwhelmed and I felt that I would lack the IT skills and that I would have very little to bring to the table. A few factors helped me get over those initial feelings including engaging with the supports offered by the University.
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Kate Longmate smiling in the picture

MA in Public Administration: Graduate Profile - Kate Longmate

At the point of applying for the course, I had over 25 years professional experience working in charities, non-profits and arts organizations. I didn't have a degree and I had always thought that perhaps one day I would go and do one.
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ciadhra - postgraduate student in UL

MA in TESOL: Graduate Profile - Ciadhra O'Mahoney

When I finished my undergraduate degree, I decided I wanted to pursue a Masters. I looked into many different colleges and UL was the one that stood out to me. The course description provided really unique and engaging information about the topic
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Image of Grace Majestic, graduate

MA in TESOL: Graduate Profile - Grace Majestic

I came straight from my undergraduate degree in early childhood education and special education. I knew that I wanted to go straight from my undergrad to my master’s degree and my university at home in Pittsburgh actually had a partnership with UL.
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Claire Bradley

MA in History of Family: Graduate Profile - Claire Bradley

I am a genealogist living in Dublin. I always had ambitions to do a postgraduate degree. My undergraduate was a while ago and in between then and now, I completed a Level 7 certificate in family history at UCD.
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Padraig Hogan

MA in History of Family: Graduate Profile - Padraig Hogan

Padraig is a graduate of the MA in History of Family. Padraig is a native of Limerick but currently lives in Meath where he works for Erin Research ( utilising the skills learnt in the MA in his current role.
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Ciara smiling

MA in European Politics and Governance: Graduate Profile - Ciara Robinson

I'm Ciara and I studied an MA in European Politics and Governance.
I've always had a passion for politics. I studied business as my undergraduate degree and whilst studying that I realised I wanted to study something that was related to politics for my postgraduate.
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