Date: Wednesday, 29 May 2024
Time: 1.15pm
Location: Theatre 1, Irish World Academy

Performance title: Amor Sacro

Performer: Ava Loiacono
“Amor Sacro” is the second creative output by Arts Practice PhD student Ava Loiacono. It is a theatre piece triggered by a documentary originally broadcasted by ‘Arte’, a French channel television programme ,which centres on the theme of sexual violence perpetrated by Catholic priests on nuns. The facts and testimonials presented in the documentary inspired Ava Loiacono and her colleagues from Funambolo Theatre Company, Mauro Guindani and Damiano Privitera (Directors), and Mariella Carbone (Puppets) to address such a sensitive issue through a theatrical piece. In ‘Amor Sacro’ there are three puppets: the two priests mentioned by the television programme, and a Mother Superior, a fictitious character, also implicated in the abuse. The victim's side will be taken on by Ava Loiacono. This role was inspired by the nun that had the strength to denounce the facts. Even in the role of an abused nun (spokesperson for many of her sisters) she also assumes the part of the narrator, thus ensuring the continuity of the story until the unmasking of the culprits in the epilogue. The narrator will thus give life (voice and gesture) to the three puppets. The use of these large puppets (about one meter high) is an expedient that allows a certain distance towards thorny themes.

Admission is free and all are welcome.

Over 18s only