A student pictured outside the Design@UL50 exhibition at the UL City Campus
James Moran pictured pictured with his project Smart Buoy at the Design@UL50 exhibition Picture: Brian Arthur
Monday, 29 May 2023

An exhibition celebrating the creativity and innovation of students at University of Limerick’s School of Design has been officially unveiled at the UL City Centre Campus.

The Design@UL50 exhibition was launched this Wednesday evening and is open to the public to view until June 1.

The Design@UL50 exhibition showcases works from 79 of the School of Design’s most talented and innovative final year Architecture and Product Design and Technology students.

It features student projects that push the boundaries of design and architecture.

The wide range of projects on display combine creative problem-solving with sustainable practices and include initiatives that aim to maximise quality time between parents and their kids, reduce food waste in restaurants, develop sustainable camping solutions, encourage reusable product packaging, and reduce fast fashion.

There are also projects that look at the role of the data centre in the contemporary city and the processing of plastic waste used in construction.

Professor Sean Arkins, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Science and Engineering said: “This exhibition is a showcase for University of Limerick and our students’ continued commitment to creating a brighter, more sustainable future. Through Design@UL50, we hope to spark a conversation about how technology and innovation can positively impact our world. I look forward to sharing these inspiring creations with our visitors.

“This exhibition is a testament to the School of Design's commitment to nurturing and developing innovative design solutions that make a positive impact on society. I would encourage the public to visit the exhibition and witness the impressive work of the students at UL’s School of Design.”

Professor Merritt Bucholz, Head of the School of Design, said: “In Design@UL50, architecture and product design students come together to tackle the challenges our society faces head-on. Together, these disciplines have the power to shape environments and futures that embrace diversity, sustainability, and resilience.

“Whether it’s revitalising neighbourhoods, reimagining public spaces, or creating innovative products, the exhibited projects inspire creativity, and drive us towards a more inclusive and harmonious society.”

Fourth year Product Design and Technology student, Clare Whiting’s project aims to improve independent swimming pool accessibility for people with limited lower-body mobility. She said the exhibition was “opportunity to display the skills that I have developed during my time at UL to the public and is also a chance to be proud of the person and the designer that I have become.

“I am excited to be part of this event, and to see the potential impact of my designs and how they connect with others. It is the perfect way to wrap up the end of my time at UL, before the start of what’s next for me as a product designer.”

The exhibition is open to the public until June 1 from 9am to 6pm at UL’s City Centre Campus on Sarsfield Street.