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Applied Physics (MSc)

The objective of the MSc Applied Physics programme is to meet the needs of graduates who wish to augment their skills with an understanding of applied physics and knowledge of the physical...

Bachelor of Engineering in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

Are you a person who is interested in pursuing a career that can really make a practical contribution to helping people and society, e.g. The production of new drugs to fight disease,...

Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics

Are you the type of person who enjoys understanding the details of how current technologies work? Would you like to use this understanding to develop new technologies and applications? Do you...

Bachelor of Science in Biological and Chemical Sciences (Common Entry)

Are you interested in Science? Would you like to understand how living things work, evolve and function at the molecular or cellular level? Are you interested in a career that can really make a...

Bachelor of Science in Bioscience

Stemming from the Biological and Chemical Sciences Common Entry, the Bioscience degree merges studies of cell biology, molecular biology, and immunology with a focus on molecular medicine.

Bachelor of Science in Equine Science

If you are the type of person who enjoys working with horses and are motivated by the business and science behind the horse industry, then this programme is for you.

Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Health

This B.Sc. programme in Food Science and Health prepares graduates for careers in Ireland’s largest industry. About 40,000 people are employed in the food industry which generates an annual...

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Physics

Understanding both mathematics and physics equally allows a unique view of the world that lets you capture and analyse its true complexity in an elegant way; it allows you to explain it, see...

Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical and Industrial Chemistry

Are you interested in a career that can really make a practical contribution to helping address the challenges that presently face the world, e.g. the discovery of new drugs to fight disease,...

Bachelor of Science in Physics (Common Entry)

Do you ever wonder:How did the universe begin? How does the sun keep shining? How can we store so much information on something as small as a microSD card? How does your mobile device know when...

Bachelor of Science with concurrent Teacher Education (Biology and Chemistry OR Physics OR Agricultural Science)

If you are considering a career in teaching and have a strong interest in science, this may be the course for you. 

Bioprocessing MSc

The MSc in Bioprocessing explores the fundamental science behind bioprocessing ranging from molecular biology to downstream processing in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.

The course...

Certificate/Diploma in Equine Science

The Certificate in Science (Equine Science) and Diploma in Science (Equine Science) programmes often suit people who; Enjoy learning about, investigating and understanding the science...

Chemical Engineering (Grad Dip)

This is a conversation course specifically designed for the graduates who have obtained a primary degree in a science or engineering discipline (other than Chemical Engineering) and wish to...

MSc in Biomolecular Science (online)

The MSc in Biomolecular Science will provide advanced knowledge in an area which underpins the Life Sciences and Biotechnology sectors.  The course will focus on topics in molecular and cell...

MSc in Nutrition and Dietetics

The MSc Human Nutrition and Dietetics programme offered at the University of Limerick (UL) is a Graduate Entry Masters of Science programme delivered over two years full-time. This innovative...

Sustainable Resource Management: Policy and Practice (MSc)

Tis one year MSc programme is distinctive in several important ways. While we recognise the major environmental and sustainability challenges facing us, the main focus is not on the challenges...

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School Co-ordinator: Nicholette Ferte

School of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Limerick, Limerick, V94 T9PX, Ireland

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