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WATCH: University of Limerick students produce stunning ‘Campus Dance’ video

Wed, 15 May 2019

A GROUP of students at the University of Limerick have combined to produce a stunning video that illustrates the beauty of the UL campus.

The ‘Campus Dance’ video is the product of several months’ work by the students, who were guided and enabled by the University to demonstrate why UL was voted Best Student Campus at the Education Ireland Awards.

There was a massive response to a recent call-out on social media asking students past and present to name their favourite parts of the campus, with hundreds of comments and posts reflecting the love that exists for UL and its environment.

A group of seven Irish World Academy dancers and five musicians together with student videographers from Science and Engineering combined to create the video, which features original music and choreography set against a host of locations across the UL campus, including the Glucksman Library, Plassey House, the UL Pontoon, the International Athletics Track, the Living Bridge and the roof of the Main Building.

One of the stars of the video, fourth year Irish World Academy student Jake Madigan from Meelick, Co. Clare, said: “My favourite place on campus is definitely the Academy building. Being on the top floor of the Academy is a great place to overlook the Living Bridge and the river. I was thrilled to be asked to be involved in this video project. It was a great way to finish a great four years by showing off the campus and getting to work with really talented people around UL.

“Watching the video makes me feel really nostalgic about all the memories I’ve made in each and every place around the University campus. I am mostly going to miss all of the friends I’ve made here in UL. Being part of such an intimate course allowed me to bond with the group really easily and I’ve made friends for life,” he added.

Exams at the University of Limerick concluded this week and 14,000 students streamed off campus to start their summer. Over 2,500 of those students have said ‘goodbye’ to their academic home and the stunning UL campus for the last time until they return briefly to graduate in August.

University of Limerick was awarded ‘Best Student Campus’ at the 2019 Education Ireland Awards highlighting the key areas that impact upon student performance.