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1,000th Revenue student graduates in taxation from UL

Mon, 15 Jan 2018
Mon, 15 Jan 2018

Theresa Curley from Athlone became the 1,000th person to graduate from the joint Revenue and University of Limerick (UL) Taxation programmes at UL when she and her classmates were conferred at a ceremony on campus today.

Today’s conferring ceremony marks a milestone in the unique education partnership between University of Limerick and the Revenue Commissioners and saw the 13th cohort from the combined Diploma and Degree programmes in Applied Taxation graduating. The programmes include a broad range of tax, law, economics, governance, data analytics and related topics combined with a highly focused tax research project. Graduates have been promoted to senior positions within the organisation, including Assistant Secretary level.

The President of UL, Dr Des Fitzgerald, speaking at today's graduation said: “Today we, once again, celebrate the strong academic partnership between UL and the Revenue Commissioners. In the fourteen years of this partnership, the first of its kind for the Irish civil service, more than 1,000 Revenue Commissioners employees have graduated with either a Diploma or Degree in Applied Taxation. UL is well recognised as a university which meets the needs of industry and our partnership with Revenue is a shining example of this ethos - with the commitment and expertise of both parties. We have no doubt that this partnership will contribute to the ever-increasing professionalism and business focus of Revenue, who have been outstanding achievers in our public service in the past decade and who have given outstanding service to the public service since its establishment in 1923.”

Niall Cody, Revenue Chairman, said: “Today we mark another significant milestone in our partnership with UL, as the number of awards from these programmes exceeds 1,000. Revenue offers huge opportunities to build an exciting and rewarding career. We invest in our staff and we value their commitment to these UL programmes. On my own behalf and on behalf of my fellow Board members, Commissioners Irwin and Harrahill, I want to congratulate each and every one of you. I’d like also to again acknowledge the significant on-going contribution of this partnership with UL. Our shared commitment to educational development is evidenced in the enhanced technical knowledge, skills and professionalism of our workforce.”

Tom Collins, Director of the National Centre for Taxation Studies at University of Limerick: “All of us at UL are very proud of this most successful and pioneering partnership with Revenue. Today our joint efforts have resulted in the graduation of the 13th cohort of 24 Revenue students with Degrees in Applied Taxation and a 13th cohort of 77 students with the Diploma in Applied Taxation. We are delighted to have been associated with the educational development of such a dedicated group of students and warmly congratulate them and their families on their outstanding achievement.”

The Dean of the Kemmy Business School, Dr Philip O'Regan, emphasised the key to this continuing and effective partnership lies in the excellent trust built up over the years between both parties to the arrangement. Participation from Revenue and UL’s Kemmy Business School in shaping the iterative nature of the programmes ensures their continuing relevance to the needs of the Irish economy.