Catherine is a registered dietitian (BSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics DIT/ TCD), accredited high performance sports and exercise nutritionist (INDI SENG, BDA, SENr), Level 1 Anthropometrist (ISAK) with 15 years’ experience in nutrition service provision across health care, the pharmaceutical industry, professional sport, teaching and research (PhD, UL). She has extensive research experience in food for health and human performance with particular interest in optimising training adaptations and performance with optimised nutrient support (quantity, quality, distribution and timing relative to a training stimulus). She is also investigating technologies for dietary data collection and assessment, with a particular focus on athletic and active populations. Catherine returned to the Physical Education & Sport Sciences Department at UL in 2016 and holds the first national appointment in Sport & Exercise Nutrition.  She is a principal investigator on collaborative research funded by the Food for Health Ireland 2 (FHI2) programme to investigate the efficacy of nutrient supplementation with proteins mined from milk to provide metabolic outcomes, which support Healthy Ageing and Performance Nutrition (HAPN). Catherine is also a principal investigator  on an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership Programme entitled Bone health in adult men and women aged 50-70y.


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