The Health Research Institute (HRI) at the University of Limerick (UL) was established to align researchers from different disciplines around common research goals with a focus on health across the lifespan and healthy ageing. We use an evidence-based approach to innovation and intervention and leverage digital technology to support the achievement of our goals.

Key to this effort is the participation of patients and the public in our research.

From initial small beginnings, the HRI has grown to be a major research institute, spanning UL and the University of Limerick Hospitals Group (ULHG) and interacting increasingly with the Mid-West Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO3). In the past four years, research clusters have helped vibrant research areas to grow and flourish; each cluster is associated with its own strong program of research, leadership structure and planning process.

As a research institute that focuses on health, we have a keen sense of responsibility to respond to and concentrate our efforts on the significant global health challenges that threaten our world.

Our refined research portfolio will be defined by research prowess and identified opportunities for impact in the four priority research areas of ageing, cancer, physical activity for health, and food, diet and nutrition, all of which will be underpinned by expertise in implementation science and participatory and arts-based research and by our emerging skillset in digital technology and advanced data analytics.

Our supportive, nurturing ecosystem comprised of a core Operational Team and active Membership offers support, advice, expertise and guidance in multiple areas for instance Health Economics, Biostatistics, Participatory Health Research, Data Management, Implementation Research, Clinical Research and much more.