Within our Core Team and extensive Membership, we have expertise in diverse areas which allows us to provide and to harness relevant and compelling support services and mechanisms for our ever-increasing membership cohort.

Such supports include:

Expertise in: Biostatistics; Informatics; Economics, Public and Patient Involvement (PPI)

Skills development in: Grant Application; Good Clinical Practice; Critical Appraisal Skills, Public and Patient Involvement (PPI)

Clinical Research support through the Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) based in CERC, UHL, providing:

  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Research Nursing Support
  • Advice on Ethical and Regulatory Submissions
  • Patient Information Sheet and Consent Form preparation advice
  • Bio-specimen Collection and Analysis
  • Hot desk space
  • Clinical Room Access
  • Availability of a Quality Management system for clinical research-  ensuring quality and integrity of study data
  • CRSU studies adherence to Good Clinical Practice Guidelines



  • Opportunities for HRI Collaborations
  • Notifications of  external Funding Opportunities
  • Invitations to HRI Events e.g. Workshops, Seminars, Training, Lunches


Internal Research Funding programmes:

  • Funding calls e.g. Travel; Open Access; Seminar and Workshop
  • PhD scholarships and Postdoctoral fellowships
  • Capacity-building awards
  • Periodic Seed- Funding opportunities


These supports are not exhaustive so please contact us to learn more. hri@ul.ie

We would love to hear from you.