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Clinical Research Support Unit

The HRI Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) is an integral part of the HRI to support clinical research at a number of sites including the UL campus, UL Hospitals sites and primary community care health settings.  ‘Clinical research’ is defined as any health-related research that involves humans, their tissue(s) and/or their data. Such research will span all clinical disciplines and, in particular, inter-disciplinary clinical research will be encouraged.

The CRSU maximises the impact of the research activities of the HRI by establishing partnerships with other institutions locally, nationally and internationally. Such partnerships include industry, philanthropic trusts, other academic institutions and healthcare providers, whether hospital or primary community care based.  The CRSU serves as the co-ordinating unit for UL led studies, single site or multi-site. In cases where UL is part of a multi-site project but is not the lead site, the CRSU acts as the link for the lead site, to engage with UL researchers and clinicians.  The initial activity was to establish a firm partnership via an MoU with UL Hospitals. It is envisaged that further partnerships will be developed as the unit expands.

HRI CRSU activities involving UL Hospitals staff is conducted through a sub-unit, the UL/UL Hospitals Clinical Research Unit (CRU).   The UL/UL Hospitals CRU is a jointly governed and resourced unit established to promote clinical research among UL and UL Hospitals staff.