The HRI is delighted to introduce to you the new HRI Strategy 2023 – 2028.
This important document provides us with a roadmap for the next five years to support the achievement of our goals and offer an opportunity to build on the strong foundations laid in the development of the Health Research Institute.

The Institute will maintain its resilient, multidisciplinary approach to research but will focus its efforts on identified research strengths that contribute to improved health across the lifespan. 

Focusing on these strengths will enhance research excellence, leading to more impactful research outputs and a greater reach, both nationally and internationally, for our researchers.

We look forward to supporting the Health Research Institute’s community and University of Limerick in realising our vision for good health and well-being over the next five years, and in so doing, bringing tangible health and well-being benefits to the people of the Mid-West and further afield.

Check out our Strategic Plan 2023-2028