The Health Research Institute (HRI), now in its tenth year, boasts a strong network of distinguished researchers and has unveiled an ambitious yet attainable five-year strategic plan (2023-2028).

Our mission is to propel person-centered, technology-enabled, integrated healthcare and treatment, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal Three of ‘Good Health & Wellbeing’.

The HRI’s Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) serves as a conduit between researchers and clinical practitioners, facilitating collaborative, innovative, high-quality clinical research. Central to our strategy is the sustainable expansion of clinical trials and studies, ensuring comprehensive support and resources for all HRI members.

The activities of the HRI are supported by expertise in biostatistics, health informatics and health economics, and facilitated by the Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU). Our goal is to provide a rich collaborative environment that fosters discovery and innovation in health science that will lead to better health, improved care and a healthier society.

The HRI acts as an enabler for researchers by allowing access to interdisciplinary research expertise across a range of departments which will develop a critical mass of researchers - interdepartmental, inter-institutional and international. 

The HRI aims to allow easier access to research leaders with significant track records as well as industry partners, patient cohorts and communities.

The HRI’s objectives will support the scope and capacity of research within UL and with its partners. These objectives not only emphasis the importance of individual research, but of establishing a collaborative research network at the heart of our Health research community.  We will pursue to advance person-centred, technology enabled, integrated healthcare and treatment.