We are recruiting Committee and Hub Members!

Why should you join?

Be a part of a growing community of HRI postgraduate/postdoctoral (PG/PD) researchers committed to:

  1. Exploring important areas of interest with emphasis on best-practice and shared opportunities in order to develop skills essential for building research capacity and career success  
  2. Networking with other HRI members within and outside of the HRI PG/PD hub  
  3. Supporting fellow emerging health researchers in the HRI PG/PD Hub both academically and personally by sharing successes, challenges and important learning experiences 
  4. Learning from experienced HRI members at regular Hub get togethers 

Committee Benefits

There are number benefits to joining the committee including, but not limited to:

  • Certificate from HRI recognising committee role and time (terms served, chair and deputy chair stated, Hub Committee Coordinator) all Certificates will be distributed at the beginning of each Academic Year (for previous year), must have been in role for minimum 1 year to receive certificates. 

  • Leadership Experience

  • Networking Opportunities 

  • Event Management 

  • Academic and Community Service 

  • Presidents Volunteer Award (PVA) 

  • Structured PhD Portfolio Module (see below)

  • CV Enhancement 

  • Committee members can avail of an HRI funded Conference Attendance/Travel Fund
  • It’s FUN!


More information:

Receive Education and Health Sciences Structured PhD Portfolio Module Benefits 

Among the many benefits listed above there is a key benefit specifically for Education and Health Science (EHS) structured PhD students at the University of Limerick which can be seen in the Portfolio Module (ES8014), a core module for EHS structured PhD students.  

As part of the EHS Structured PhD, the Core Portfolio Module (ES8014), structured PhD students are required to detail 10 research activities and record attendance of ≥60 workshop hours to successfully complete the module. Therefore, when joining the HRI PG/PD Hub Network and attending the relevant academic workshops, aimed at upskilling, and supporting PhD students throughout the academic year, you are building your workshop hours. For those individuals interested in joining the HRI PG/PD Hub Network committee, this opportunity and engagement can fulfil one of your research activities for the Core Portfolio Module (ES8014). 


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