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The Health Research Institute at the University of Limerick is committed to facilitating the delivery of excellent research that contributes to our understanding of how to promote a healthy life and the prevention of disease and chronic conditions.


There are different types of membership of the HRI:

  • Full membership:
    full-time, permanent, academic members of staff of the University of Limerick are eligible to apply
  • Postgraduate and postdoctoral membership:
    e.g. Postgraduate, Postdoctoral colleagues and Research Assistants, whose supervisors are HRI Members at the University of Limerick are eligible to apply.
  • Affiliated membership: active health researchers who are members of UL-affiliated Health Organisations are eligible to apply.


  • Grant Application support
  • Administrative support project management & implementation
  • Investigator led clinical research support through the Clinical Research Support Unit
  • State-of-art facilities, including laboratories, equipment and resources
  • Opportunities for HRI collaborative research
  • Notifications of upcoming funding opportunities, conferences, and seminars
  • Invitation to HRI Events (workshops, seminars, training, etc.).
  • Statistical support


  • Funds available to support individual researchers activities, including conference attendance
  • PhD scholarships and post doctoral fellowships
  • Capacity building awards


Scientific enhancement:

  • Increased interdisciplinary collaborations between the clinical community
    and the university community
  • Developing complimentary research partnerships
  • Access to patient data
  • Opportunities for Funding Diversification.


Business Innovation:

  • Intellectual Property portfolio development
  • Technology Transfer
  • Engagement with industry & enterprise.


Social Impact:

  • Public and Patient Involvement in research
  • Education of patient and public
  • Engagement with international research community, international markets and audiences, contribute towards scientifically informed society
  • Empowerment of next generation of creative researchers to advance the frontiers of research.

A HRI Member is expected to:

  • Conduct excellent research and contribute to the HRI research community
  • Contribute to the Institute via measurable research outputs
    e.g. publications and impact including the HRI affiliation on all papers and proposals,
    conference and other presentations and all publicity material
  • Provide support information (research activity reports, research outputs and impact) as and when requested
  • Comply with the institute’s Health and Safety policy and the University’s Research Ethics
    and Integrity Policies.
  • Maintain a highly collaborative and collegial work environment in the HRI
  • Contribute to the Institute’s income generation activity and sustainability plan.

The benefits of affiliate membership include many of the benefits of full membership, including those listed above.

  • Links to UL researchers for collaborations
  • Support from CRSU if linking with full member Principal Investigators
  • Invitation to HRI Events (workshops, seminars, etc.).
  • Eligibility for specific collaborative HRI funding calls

Postgraduate research students will benefit from being part of an active research community. The HRI organizes regular events, seminars and training which PGR students will be eligible to attend. Statistical support, support and resources for conducting clinical research, as well as eligibility for specific funding calls are available to HRI PGR members.

The criteria for membership renewal will apply to full members:

  • Publications - Track record within the last three years of peer-reviewed journal papers as first or senior author in research fields related to HRI Themes and affiliated to the HRI (quality of journal papers will take preference over quantity).
  • Grant Income - Track record within the last three years of applying for competitive research funding awards.
  • Research Supervision / Mentorship - Track record within the last three years as Supervisor of research masters, doctoral and/or postdoctoral researchers.

The criteria for membership renewal will also consider a strong performance in the following areas:

  • Research Impact - Track record within the last three years in any of the following:
    invention disclosures, patents, spin-outs, industry sponsored research, engagement with external research organisations (industry, societies and associations) or applying the principles of Public and Patient Involvement (PPI).
  • Measures of Esteem - Track record within the last three years in any of the following:
    to include, but not limited to, national or international awards, prizes, editorial duties, plenary lectures, invited memberships, fellowships, attracting/hosting international conferences and seminars, reviewing for national and international funding agencies.