The Health Research Institute at University of Limerick is committed to facilitating the conduct of outstanding person-centred research to enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals and transform the health environment for the population.

We are currently in a transition phase of our membership which will come to an end in October 2024.

October 2023 marked the launch of our Strategic plan (2023- 2028), and a new membership criteria is outlined below. We will see a transition phase until October 2024, you can see references to our old Full, PG/PDOC format, and Affiliate members.


There are different types of HRI membership:

Full Membership:



Early Career Researchers (ECRs)

Postgraduate and Postdoctoral membership: 

Postgraduate/Postdoctoral (PG/PD) colleagues and Research Assistants involved in research that is aligned with the HRI's Research Groups.

How do I apply or renew my membership?

Please fill out this form, you will hear back within one month of the outcome. 


New Membership applications will normally be reviewed in January, May, and October each year with the outcome conveyed within 10 working days of these reviews. During the first year of renewals, the reapplications will be reviewed monthly. The deadline for application submission is 2 weeks in advance of the relevant Management Team meeting, normally held on the last Thursday of each month. 

If a decision is not possible due to lack of clarity or the need for further information, then the candidate will be informed and be offered the opportunity to resubmit. 

Please email hri@ul.ie for any queries regarding our membership guidelines and application process.


  • Grant Application Support. 

  • Regular notifications of external funding opportunities. 

  • Health research expertise- regulatory and operational. 

  • Access to expertise and experience of established researchers. 

  • Bio-Statistical Expertise and Training. 

  • Operational Support (T&Cs apply). 

  • Access to UL-approved cloud-based data storage system. 

  • Access to Covidence (TBC). 

  • Access to state-of-the-art research equipment. 

  • Clinical research support through the Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU) based in CERC (Clinical Education and Research Centre), UHL (University Hospital Limerick) 

  • Access to desk-based research facilities, clinical research support, collaborative meeting room space, and other resources (dependent on availability) in the CRSU (funded research). 

  • Opportunities for internal collaboration through strategic networking. 

  • Opportunity for interdisciplinary collaborations between the University and the wider health community, including ULHG (University of Limerick Hospital Group) and the Midwest Community Healthcare Organisation (CHO3). 

  • Invitations to HRI Events e.g., Networking Lunches, Workshops, Seminars, Training, and Research Day, as an attendee or participant. 

  • Regular Internal Funding calls e.g., Open Access, Travel. 

  • Conference (Hosting) funding and support. 

  • Capacity-building and pump prime funding awards – periodic. 

  • Use of Health Research Institute affiliation. 

  • Support initiatives to prioritise the development of early/midcareer researchers incl. mentorship and training. 


An HRI Member is expected to: 

  • Conduct excellent research and contribute to the HRI research community and reputation. 

  • Contribute to the Institute with measurable research outputs achieved by including the HRI affiliation on all health-related papers and proposals, conference and other presentations, and all publicity material* 

  • Contribute to the Institute’s income generation activity and sustainability plan. 

  • Provide research activity information to the HRI Management Team (research activity reports, research outputs, and impact) as and when requested. 

  • Contribute towards a highly collaborative and collegial work environment in the HRI and attend HRI activities. 

  • Actively participate in HRI events when appropriate e.g., present on an area of expertise at networking events or Fundamental of Health Research seminar. 

  • Develop external links e.g., with patient groups, clinical, community, and industry partners. 

  • Act as an ambassador for HRI at all levels and in all fora. 

  • Comply with the UL (University of Limerick) Health and Safety policy, any appropriate Local Safety Statements, Research Ethics and Integrity Policies, and all regulations as applicable to Health Research and associated Funding, including the Health Research Policy. 

  • Act to support and inspire the next generation of HRI Researchers through contributions to the HUB activities and mentorship of ECRs (Early Career Researchers).  

  • Be prepared to commit up to 10 hours pa for mentoring. 

  • Commit to adhere to these expectations. 

* Failure in this regard will result in a lack of eligibility for internal funding calls and will be monitored 

  • Access to and being part of an active research community. 

  • Opportunity to represent HRI PG/PD community on HRI Executive Committee 

  • Opportunity to become a Hub Committee member. The list of benefits for volunteering on this committee is listed on the Hub section on our website.

  • Invitations to HRI Events e.g., Networking Lunches, Workshops, Seminars, Training, Research Day, as an attendee or participant. 

  • Invitations to speak at Members' events. 

  • Bio-statistical support. 

  • Investigator-led clinical research support through the Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU). 

  • Support and advice for specific funding calls. 

  • Periodic internal funding calls. 

  • Networking and learning opportunities from experienced researchers. 

  • Membership is valid for a maximum of three years at which point the eligibility requirements will be assessed. 

  • Reviews of membership requirements will be carried out on an annual basis. 

  • Renewal criteria are not applicable to PG/PD members. 

  • Existing members of the HRI (members at the time of introduction of these criteria) will be invited to reapply for membership during the initial 12-month period (from October 2nd, 2023 ) at which point their membership will be assessed based on the eligibility criteria defined above