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The Health Research Institute at the University of Limerick is committed to facilitating the conduct of outstanding person-centred research to enhance the health and wellbeing of individuals and transform the health environment for the population.


There are three different types of HRI membership:

Full membership: Full-time, Permanent, Academic members of staff of the University of Limerick.

Postgraduate and Postdoctoral membership: Postgraduate, Postdoctoral colleagues and Research Assistants, whose supervisors are full HRI members.

Affiliate membership: Health Researchers who are members of UL-affiliated Health Organisations.  

If you would like to become a member, please read through the membership criteria if you meet said criteria you can fill out a membership application form and return to us. There are two rounds of membership per annum- Applications must be in by January 15th and June 15th.


  • Notifications of upcoming funding opportunities and grant application support. 
  • Expertise for health research queries. 
  • Clinical research support through the Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU). 
  • Access to state-of-the-art desk-based research facilities, equipment and resources (dependant on availability) in    the CRSU. 
  • Opportunities for HRI collaborative research. 
  • Invitation to specific HRI Events (workshops, networking events, seminars, training). 
  • Notifications of all HRI-related Events. 
  •  Bio-statistical support. 

CRSU Support* 

  • Research nursing support. 
  • Patient recruitment.
  •  Consent acquisition advice.
  •  Data collection and management.
  •  Clinical research governance advice.
  •  Health Research Regulations/ GDPR insight.
  •  Sample collection.
  •  Protocol development.
  •  Data collection/entry.
  •  Advice on ethical and regulatory submissions.
  •  Access to CRSU QMS.  

                                 * Subject to application process and availability 


  • Periodic funding calls for Travel and Open Access publications.
  • Funding availability for strategically-important conferences and workshops.  
  • PhD scholarships and Postdoctoral fellowships.
  • Capacity-building awards.

Scientific enhancement:  

  • Increased interdisciplinary collaborations between the University and Health community, including ULHG and        CHO3. 
  • Development of complimentary research partnerships.

Business Innovation

  • Intellectual Property queries - provide links to Technology Transfer Office (TTO). 
  • Technology Transfer- provide links to TTO.
  • Engagement with industry & enterprise. 

Social Impact

  • Links to expertise and knowledge-sharing in Public and Patient Involvement in research. 
  • Facilitation of engagement with the international research communities. 
  • Empowerment of the next generation of creative researchers to advance the frontiers of research through              Early-Career Research specific spport. 

A HRI Member is expected to:

  • Conduct excellent research and contribute to the HRI research community.
  • Contribute to the Institute with measurable research outputs achieved by including the HRI affiliation on all             papers and proposals, conference and other presentations and all publicity material.
  • Provide research activity information (research activity reports, research outputs and impact) as and when              requested.
  • Maintain a highly-collaborative and collegial work environment in the HRI.
  • Contribute to the Institute’s income generation activity and sustainability plan. 
  • Complete Research Integrity Training. 
  • Comply with the UL Health and Safety policy, and any appropriate Local Safety Statements,  Research Ethics and    Integrity Policies and all regulations as applicable to Health Research and associated Funding. 
  • Support the activities of the HRI via attendance at HRI-organised events. 
  • Actively participate in HRI events when appropriate e.g. present on area of expertise at networking event. 
  • Access to and being part of an active research community. 
  • Invitation to HRI Events (workshops, networking events, seminars, training).
  • Bio-statistical support.
  • Investigator-led clinical research support through the Clinical Research Support Unit (CRSU).
  • Support and advice for specific funding calls. 

The benefits of affiliate membership include many of the benefits of Full membership, including:

  • Links to UL researchers for collaborations.
  • Support from CRSU if linking with Full member Principal Investigators (see full list above).
  • Invitation to HRI Events (workshops,  networking events, seminars, training, etc.).
  • Eligibility assessment and support for specific UL-led external funding calls. 
  • Access to state-of- the-art desk-based research facilities, equipment and resources (dependant on availability). 
  • Bio-statistical support. 
  • Links to expertise and knowledge-sharing in Public and Patient Involvement in research. 

The criteria for membership renewal will apply to full members:

  1. Publications - Track record within the last three years of peer-reviewed journal papers as first or senior author in research fields related to HRI Themes and affiliated to the HRI (quality of journal papers will take preference over quantity).
  2. Grant Income - Track record within the last three years of applying for competitive research funding awards.
  3. Research Supervision / Mentorship - Track record within the last three years as Supervisor of research masters, doctoral and/or postdoctoral researchers.

The criteria for membership renewal will also consider a strong performance in the following areas:

  1. Research Impact - Track record within the last three years in any of the following: Invention disclosures, patents, spin-outs, industry sponsored research, engagement with external research organisations (industry, societies and associations) or applying the principles of Public and Patient Involvement (PPI).
  2. Measures of Esteem - Track record within the last three years in any of the following: To include, but not limited to, national or international awards, prizes, editorial duties, plenary lectures, invited memberships, fellowships, attracting/hosting international conferences and seminars, reviewing for national and international funding agencies.