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Research Support

The HRI’s Research Funding Officer will provide dedicated support to health researchers (HRI members) at UL and its affiliated institutions by providing comprehensive advice and support relating to applications for externally funded research both national and international. The support provided to HRI members includes:

  • Identification and communication of relevant research funding opportunities
  • Assisting with the preparation of research applications
  • Costing proposals
  • Liaising with the Clinical Research Support Unit
  • Execution of submission in line with the terms and conditions set out by the funders
  • Liaising with funding bodies on behalf of the HRI members

Biostatistical support is available in the HRI and is provided by the Biostatistician. We help with:

  • Study design consultation and evaluation.
  • Sample size and power calculations.
  • Analysis of clinical trials data.
  • Writing statistical analysis section for grant proposals and papers.
  • Review and edits of grant proposals and papers revisions.

Along with helping researchers with their statistical issues, we aim to develop novel methods to analyse data, in order to transform data sets into useful and understandable information.

All researchers and investigators are encouraged to contact the Biostatistician ( early in the grant preparation process.

The Irish Social Science Data Archive (ISSDA)

We know that researchers periodically need access to different datasets for analysis purposes, but accessing that data might sometimes be challenging especially if data is sensitive. Therefore, it is good to know where and how to search for datasets.

The Irish Social Science Data Archive (ISSDA), based in the University College Dublin (UCD) library is a centre for quantitative data acquisition, preservation, and dissemination. It provides a broad access to Irish quantitative datasets for different studies. To name a few- The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA), Growing Up in Ireland (GIU), SPHERE and many more.

These datasets are available in different formats, but most of them have at least a STATA, SAS or SPSS version. A full list of datasets can be obtained through the link below:

You would need to identify the dataset of interest and make sure that the required format exists on the website.

Datasets can be used for either research or teaching purposes, and each has a different application form that can be found on the above address. Once the application form is completed it should be sent to:

Datasets will be distributed via an online download service, called FileSender. The datasets are password protected and encrypted, and require either the following software, PKWARE (Windows only) zip reader or Keka (Mac), to decrypt the file. Further instructions will be sent with each dataset.

Finally, if you have any problem with accessing datasets or requesting them, you can send an email to: or please contact the HRI Biostatistician.