Satisfactory Academic Progress & SAP Appeals

US Federal regulations require that all students, who are in receipt of US Federal Student Aid (FSA), must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Failure to do so can result in the loss of eligibility to receive further funding. It is the responsibility of the school to monitor SAP and, where necessary, to suspend or withhold eligibility to receive Federal Funding.

There are two components involved in monitoring SAP, Qualitative and Quantitative.

The Qualitative Component requires that students maintain a QCA of 2.0 or above without any ‘F’ grades or an academic standing consistent with the college’s requirements for graduation.

The Quantitative Component requires that students progress through their course of study in a timely manner.

SAP is monitored at the end of each semester to confirm eligibility to receive funding for the following semester.

Students who fail to maintain SAP will receive a warning and will be placed on probation during the following semester. Students on probation will receive funding but they must meet the required academic standards during that semester in order to avoid suspension of eligibility for funding. Therefore, a student who fails to maintain SAP during two consecutive semesters will be deemed ineligible for funding for the following loan period.

Students will be notified of probation or suspension by letter and/or email.

A student who loses eligibility for Federal may appeal the decision if they can show that their failure to maintain SAP was due to extenuating circumstances. A student can only appeal if they fail to maintain SAP during two consecutive semesters.

Note: SAP appeals have nothing to do with appeals against exam results or test scores and the outcome of a SAP appeal has no bearing on results achieved or grades awarded. SAP decisions are based on official exam results and test scores only.

A student may appeal a decision to suspend eligibility for Federal funding if they can demonstrate that their failure to maintain SAP was due to extraordinary circumstances such as the following:

• Serious illness or injury
• Death of a family member
• Divorce or family difficulties
• Financial difficulties
• Interpersonal problems

Appeals must be submitted in writing, together with supporting documentation, within ten days of the notification of suspension. An SAP Appeals Committee will consider each case and their decision is final.