Students in receipt of US Financial Aid can only go on Erasmus/Non-EU Exchange to another institution that is eligible to administer US Financial Aid.

As such if students are interested in going on Erasmus/Non-EU Exchange they must notify the Financial Aid administrator at UL in advance so that she can identify the eligible institutions that students may attend.

Please note that students in receipt of US Financial Aid cannot go on Non-EU Exchange to the USA. In terms of Co-Op placement again students cannot return to the USA on their Co-Op/Internship placement.

The regulations are as follows:

Under §600.52, a foreign institution may not permit students to enroll in any course offered by the foreign institution that takes place in the United States, including research, work, internship, externship, or special studies. Despite this prohibition, independent research done by an individual student in the United States for not more than one academic year is permissible if it is conducted during the dissertation phase of a doctoral program under the guidance of faculty and the research can only be performed in the United States. (Additional guidance on the Title IV program ineligibility of foreign institution programs offered in the U.S. can be found in Dear Colleague Letter GEN-11-18.) Under §600.54(c), an eligible foreign institution may not enter into an arrangement under which a Title IV-ineligible entity provides any portion of the eligible institution’s programs (except for affiliation agreements for the provision of clinical training for foreign medical, veterinary, and nursing schools).