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Start Dates

Autumn 2023:

First Year CAO-entry undergraduate courses will begin the Autumn 2023 semester on Monday 18 September 2023.


Start date

  • Paramedic Practitioner

Monday 28 August, 2023

  • Graduate Entry Medicine
  • BA in Taxation
  • Grad Entry Law
  • Diploma in Psychology
  • BA in International Business (Year 3 dual degree)
  • Post Year 1 transfers from other institutions
  • Community Wellness, Empowerment, Leadership and Life skills (CWELL) diploma

Monday 11 September 2023

  • 1st Year CAO-entry undergraduate courses
  • Certificate in Music & Dance
  • Mature Access students

Monday 18 September 2023

Which faculty is my course in?

CAO Courses:

LM002 BA Arts
LM019 BSc. Social Sciences
*LM020 BA Law & Accounting
LM028 BA Criminal Justice
LM029 L LB Law Plus
**LM038 BA Psychology and Sociology
LM039 BA Journalism and Digital Communication
LM040 BA European Studies
LM044 BA Applied Languages
LM026 BA Performing Arts

Non CAO Courses:

Graduate Entry Law
Diploma in Psychology
Diploma in Community, Wellness, Empowerment, Leadership & Life Skills
Certificate in Music & Dance

Students taking LM020 will complete their Campus Tour and Welcome Talks as per the KBS faculty orientation schedule.
** Students taking LM038 will complete their Campus Tour and Welcome Talks as per the AHSS faculty orientation schedule.

CAO Courses:
LM050 Bachelor of Business Studies
LM056 Bachelor of Arts in International Business

Non CAO Courses:
BA Applied Taxation
Diploma in Applied Taxation Administration

CAO Courses:
LM058 BSc Financial Mathematics
LM063 BSc Technology Management
LM066 BSc Environmental Science
LM068 BSc Food Science & Health
LM076 BSc Product Design & Technology
LM077 BE Aeronautical Engineering
LM082 BSc Construction Management & Engineering
LM093 BSc Equine Science
LM099 B Arch Architecture
LM115 BE Chemical & Biochemical Engineering
LM116 BE Engineering (Biomedical or Civil or Design & Manufacture or Mechanical)
LM118 BE Electronic and Computer Engineering
LM121 BSc Computer Science (Computer Systems or Computer Games Development or Cyber Security and IT Forensics)
LM122 BSc Creative Media & Interaction Design (Includes: Music Media, Performance Technology and Digital Media Design)
LM123 BSc Biological and Chemical Science (Bioscience or Environmental Science or Industrial Biochemistry or Pharmaceutical & Industrial Chemistry)
LM124 BSc Mathematics (Mathematical Sciences or Mathematics & Physics or Economics & Mathematics
LM125 BSc Physics (Applied Physics or Mathematics & Physics)
LM173 BSc Immersive Software Engineering
LM174 BSc Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
LM180 Certificate in Equine Science

Non CAO courses:
Diploma in Equine Science 

CAO Courses: 
LM089 BSc Sport & Exercise Science
LM090 BSc Physical Education with English, Gaeilge, Geography or Mathematics
LM091 BA (Ed) Languages
LM092 BSc (Ed) Biological Science with Physics or Chemistry or Agricultural Science
LM094 BTech (Ed) Materials & Architectural Technology
LM095 BTech (Ed) Materials & Engineering Technology
LM096 BSc (Ed) Physics & Chemistry
LM097 BSc (Ed) Mathematics & Computer Science
LM100 BSc Physiotherapy
LM103 BSc Paramedic Studies
LM102 BSc Psychology
LM105 BSc Exercise & Health Fitness Management
LM150 Bc Nursing (General)
LM152 BSc Nursing (Mental Health)
LM154 BSc Nursing (Intellectual Disability)
LM156 BSc Midwifery
Bc Nursing Studies (international) not CAO

Non CAO Courses:
BSc Paramedic Practitioner
Higher Diploma in Midwifery

What to expect starting in UL

Here in UL there are some terms which you will hear frequently. Below is a brief explanation of some of these terms to help you be prepared if you are offered a place in UL.

Term Explanation
Lab Some but not all courses will have labs. These are practical classes where you can interact with classmates and complete practical work.
Modules Modules are the classes/subjects that you take each semester as part of your course and consist of lectures and labs / tutorials.
Module Registration Each semester you will need to complete Module Registration. This is where you choose / confirm the modules you will take for the upcoming semester. Your timetable is generated based on module registration information so if you do not register, you will not receive a personal timetable. 
Student Hub Online (Topdesk) Student Hub Online (Topdesk) is a run by Academic Registry. Students can log in to find useful information or to log a call for support with a member of the Academic Registry team.
Student Portal

The student portal is where all of your information and student record are logged. You can also complete the following tasks in the Student Portal: 

 -  Module Registration (each semester)
 -  Update your personal details

Student Record Your student record contains all of your student information including your grades, transcripts etc.You can view your student record on the Student Portal.
Tutorial Tutorials are classes which are based on lecture material and which offer you the opportunity to ask questions which you may not have been able to in a lecture setting. 
ULSL UL Student Life: This is the UL students union. 
Undergraduate Students completing their first degree course are referred to as undergraduate students / undergrads.

In UL, we talk about our semesters in Week numbers. A typical semester is broken down as follows:

  • Week 0 (or earlier): Module registration takes place
  • Week 1-12: There are typically 12 teaching weeks each semester
  • Week 13: This is also called Reading Week and is designated time for you to prepare for your exams
  • Weeks 14 & 15 / Exam Weeks: Exams take place over this two week period.

You can visit our timetable website for further breakdown of week numbers and the dates they correspond to.

Student Engagement
A high level of engagement results in a greater student experience. The more engaged you are during your time in UL, the more you will get out of your learning experience and learning environment. This refers to academic life such as lectures, study, and assessments, but also includes extracurricular activities such as membership of Clubs & Societies and voluntary activities.
Watch the UL Student Engagement video.


Transitioning to Third Level
The transition to third level education offers some amazing new experiences and opportunities for personal growth. However, it is also necessary to acknowledge that starting university is a big change for new students` academic, social, and personal lives. Students are likely to face issues in relation to these factors, and everyone will cope with these in a different way. The key is that whatever you feel or experience in these initial weeks it’s completely normal, and part of this experience.
Watch the UL Transition to Third Level video.


UL Student Supports
There is a range of supports and staff dedicated to helping students at the University of Limerick. If you feel like you need more feedback from university teaching staff, reach out and contact them. Don’t be afraid to ask for help & support from relevant sources, and don’t wait for somebody to suggest assistance - it is up to you to seek help.
Watch the UL Student Supports video.

See here for further Student Supports & Resources.

Orientation & Campus Tour information

Undergraduate students: You will receive detailed information via email about your campus tour on 08 September 2023.

Postgraduate students: Please visit the Graduate and Professional Studies (GPS) website for orientation information.

Get set up: Complete your admin tasks!

There are some administrative tasks you will need to complete before you arrive on campus.

You will receive an email from UL advising you when to begin these tasks and you can find instructions below:

Academic Registry Logo

Contact Academic Registry

Main Building, E0-001
University of Limerick

The information provided here is as a guide only, and may be updated from time to time. You are advised to consult official documentation, including the University of Limerick Academic Regulations, as the authoritative version

Data Protection: We will process your Personal Data in accordance with our Student Privacy Notice.